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One Conscious Brother, James Patterson

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James Patterson Giving Cash to Bookstores


The best-selling author James Patterson has started a program to give away $1 million of his personal fortune to dozens of bookstores, allowing them to invest in improvements, dole out bonuses to employees and expand literacy outreach programs.

More than 50 stores across the country will begin receiving cash grants this week, from Percy’s Burrow in Topsham, Me., to Page & Palette in Fairhope, Ala., to A Whale of a Tale in Irvine, Calif.  

Read the full article at the New York Times

James is pledging to help U.S. booksellers keep the life-changing reading habit alive and well in our local communities.
If you would like more information about his efforts, please sign up here to receive announcements.




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I hate doing this, but if the Black, successful writers did something similar, the Black book stores and websites would be in a much better position. They wouldn't have to donate their money, simply their time in their home cities. Just a thought. This is good though.

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Chris, in all the places I mentioned this I refrained from mentioning Black folks.  I had two main motivation for sharing this story; 


(1) I was hoping that Patterson's action would serve as an example.  The engagement with this story was relatively high.  Many people, apparently, respect Patterson's no-strings-attached, monetary gift.  There are of course Black writers that do good things with their time and money, but as with most things our needs are greater and unfortunately the supported is less.


(2) My second motivation (as always) was to help raise awareness of this issue.  James' popularity can help.  Black, popular media, has been completely silent on what is happening with Black books and literacy in the Black community.  This silence has led to a complete lack of actions in our community.  I'm trying to change that.


I read somewhere that Idris Elba was originally taped to play Alex Cross, but Tyler Perry was substituted later.  The film was a commercial success

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Here are the first 55 stores that will benefit from James' largess.  They will share at total $267,000.  Some of that money will support California Bookstore Day, a statewide celebration — overseen by the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association — that will be held May 3.


You can suggest a bookstore to benefit at James website.   Here is a list of Black Owned independents :-)


A Whale of a Tale – Irvine, CA
Alamosa Books – Albuquerque, NM
Anderson's – Naperville, IL
Andover Bookstore (Hugo Books) – Andover, MA
Bank Street Bookstore – New York, NY
Bookshop Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz, CA
Book Bin – Northbrook, IL
Book Culture –New York, NY
Book Passage – Corte Madera, CA
Book Revue – Huntington, NY
BookPeople – Austin, TX
Books & Books – Coral Gables, FL
Books & Greetings – Northvale, NJ
Books of Wonder – New York, NY
Booktenders – Doylestown, PA
Bookworks – Albuquerque, NM
Brazos Bookstore, Inc. – Houston, TX
Brewster Book Store – Brewster, MA
Broadside Book Shop – Northampton, MA
Browseabout Books – Rehoboth Beach, DE
Children's Book World – Los Angeles, CA
Children's Book World – Haverford, PA
Doylestown Bookshop – Doylestown, PA
Eighth Day Books – Wichita, KS
Gallery Bookshop/Bookwinkle Children – Mendocino, CA
Hicklebee's – San Jose, CA
Innisfree Bookshop – Lincoln, NH
Lake Forest BookStore – Lake Forest, IL
Little Shop of Stories – Decatur, GA
Malaprop's Bookstore and Café – Asheville, NC
Mysterious Galaxy – Redondo Beach/San Diego, CA
Nicola's Books – Ann Arbor, MI
Norwich Bookstore – Norwich, VT
Oblong Books – Millerton, NY
Odyssey Book Shop – South Hadley, MA
Old Firehouse Books – Fort Collins, CO
Page & Palette – Fairhope, AL
Park Road Books – Charlotte, NC
Parnassus Books – Nashville, TN
Percy's Burrow – Topsham, ME
Phoenix Books – Essex Junction, VT
Porter Square Books – Cambridge, MA
Reading Reptile – Kansas City, MO
Red Balloon – St. Paul, MN
Russo's Marketplace Books – Bakersfield, CA
Schuler Books and Music – Okemos, MI
Subterranean Books – St. Louis, MO
The Bookies – Denver, CO
The BookLoft – Great Barrington, MA
The Bookstore Plus – Lake Placid, NY
The Children's Bookstore – Baltimore, MD
The Yellow Brick Road – San Diego, CA
Wellesley Books – Wellesley, MA
Wild Rumpus – Minneapolis, MN
Wonderland Books – Rockford, IL


Sorted by State and City


Page & Palette  –  Fairhope,  AL
Russo's Marketplace Books  –  Bakersfield,  CA
Book Passage  –  Corte Madera,  CA
A Whale of a Tale  –  Irvine,  CA
Children's Book World  –  Los Angeles,  CA
Gallery Bookshop/Bookwinkle Children  –  Mendocino,  CA
Mysterious Galaxy  –  Redondo Beach/San Diego,  CA
The Yellow Brick Road  –  San Diego,  CA
Hicklebee's  –  San Jose,  CA
Bookshop Santa Cruz  –  Santa Cruz,  CA
The Bookies  –  Denver,  CO
Old Firehouse Books  –  Fort Collins,  CO
Browseabout Books  –  Rehoboth Beach,  DE
Books & Books  –  Coral Gables,  FL
Little Shop of Stories  –  Decatur,  GA
Lake Forest BookStore  –  Lake Forest,  IL
Anderson's  –  Naperville,  IL
Book Bin  –  Northbrook,  IL
Wonderland Books  –  Rockford,  IL
Eighth Day Books  –  Wichita,  KS
Andover Bookstore (Hugo Books)  –  Andover,  MA
Brewster Book Store  –  Brewster,  MA
Porter Square Books  –  Cambridge,  MA
The BookLoft  –  Great Barrington,  MA
Broadside Book Shop  –  Northampton,  MA
Odyssey Book Shop  –  South Hadley,  MA
Wellesley Books  –  Wellesley,  MA
The Children's Bookstore  –  Baltimore,  MD
Percy's Burrow  –  Topsham,  ME
Nicola's Books  –  Ann Arbor,  MI
Schuler Books and Music  –  Okemos,  MI
Wild Rumpus  –  Minneapolis,  MN
Red Balloon  –  St. Paul,  MN
Reading Reptile  –  Kansas City,  MO
Subterranean Books  –  St. Louis,  MO
Malaprop's Bookstore and Café  –  Asheville,  NC
Park Road Books  –  Charlotte,  NC
Innisfree Bookshop  –  Lincoln,  NH
Books & Greetings  –  Northvale,  NJ
Alamosa Books  –  Albuquerque,  NM
Bookworks  –  Albuquerque,  NM
Book Revue  –  Huntington,  NY
The Bookstore Plus  –  Lake Placid,  NY
Oblong Books  –  Millerton,  NY
Bank Street Bookstore  –  New York,  NY
Books of Wonder  –  New York,  NY
Book Culture  – New York,  NY
Booktenders  –  Doylestown,  PA
Doylestown Bookshop  –  Doylestown,  PA
Children's Book World  –  Haverford,  PA
Parnassus Books  –  Nashville,  TN
BookPeople  –  Austin,  TX
Brazos Bookstore, Inc.  –  Houston,  TX
Phoenix Books  –  Essex Junction,  VT
Norwich Bookstore  –  Norwich,  VT

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