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Have you learned something or created a new prejudice?

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An interesting question.  One thing I am learning is that you can never stop learning.  The influence of political correctness represses my giving voice to my prejudices but I silently acknowledge them in my head. My avatar is tolerant.  The real me dismisses any one or thing that doesn't conform to my idea of perfection. I've decided that my cynicism developed because my idealistic dreams never came into fruition.  Life is a bitch, and so am I.     :(


Cynique's Corner is turning into a psychiatrist's couch. :blink:

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Prejudices are a survival instinct, part of human nature.  


The problem is our connection with nature has been severed and replaced by technology.  Technology is is fueled by profit, so we are constantly lied to, fed nonsensical information.  As a result, we develop unnatural prejudices.

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Prejudices drive preferences.


The capacity to form prejudices based upon stimuli is innate


Instinct, by definition, is innate.


Technology creates stimuli that are completely brand new--never before seen in all of recorded history.


Technology is not part of the natural world


The prejudices, created as a result of technological stimuli, are new to us and unnatural.


Technological stimuli in my opinion is false, a lie.


It is like believing interacting with others on social media is equivalent to interacting with people in the real world. We prejudge people in a way that is not normal, not based in nature.  This then fuels our behavior in the real world which causes much of the nonsense we see happening all around us today.

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Del I wrote that, "Prejudices are a survival instinct, part of human nature." I also detailed why I felt that way.  My definition is not scientific; it is simply based upon my observations and what I currently think I know.


The distinction between correlation and causation are largely irrelevant to most people.  So I'm not sure how important it is when considering the underlying motivation for an individual's prejudices.


We are bombarded by tons of ideas and images.  TV, the internet and now social media, in particular, is exposing a whole generation to stuff that only God know hows it is impacting our psyche, including our prejudices. 


I don't believe in impact is positive at all--on so many levels. 


Maybe that is one new prejudice I have; an inherent distrust for the motivation of corporations, or at least those that run them.  Left to their own devises we'd (Black people) would all be in a field or factory somewhere slaving away.


This prejudiced was formed after directly observing the behavior of corporations for decades.

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