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I Redesigned the Power List Website

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In a world where people, business, and other entities are increasingly using a Facebook page as their primary web presence, or if they are tech savvy using WordPress or some other blogging platform to establish their primary web presence, I still opt for going the old fashioned way--doing it myself.


The original Power List site http://powerlist.info was created, quickly using WordPress, but Wordpress' limitations became obvious immediately.


It took me another 18 months to get around to redesigning the Power List site, but in the interim I've learned a bit more about web designed (I actually teach a college level course on the subject), so I decided last month to completely revamp the Power List's site.  


The coolest thing about it is that it is completely database driven, basically I can radically change the look of the website with very little effort.  I also like the way I present book information. Take a look at this sample page for Americanah and let me know what you think.  I think it is best of class, but it I need to change or add something please let me know--I welcome suggestions.


At any rate, a custom built site means nothing if no one visits it or buys books.  That aspect require support from others.  Hopefully others willl share in our mission and support the website.  The website is actively supported by CushCity.com, MagahoganyBooks, and AALBC.com (including Huria Search).  


I listed websites, as if there are massive organizations involved.  It is really just me, Gwen Richardson, and Ramunda and Derrick Young.  Most of us work multiple jobs too.


If you believe in what we trying to do, sharing Black Literature, please spread the word.



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On the homepage the click to print entire list, link is going to a 404

I absolutely love the dedicated huria search under resources!

Some broken images under news in the power list in the media page

under the usage policy link the the printable version link is 404

under the share the power list page the usage policy  and here is a link to in the last paragraph are both 404


Other than that, awesome doggone job. Now I'm waiting on that skyscraper banner for my widgets, lol.

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Hey Chris thanks a lot man.  I truly appreciate the time you took to point out those mistakes.

  • I corrected and updated the print the entire list code, so that the list prints on a single page.
  • I think the Huria Search this is cool too.  Anyone can use it on their website it search all the Black owned newspapers, major websites, magazines, book sites, etc--all without advertising (Ipay to keep ads out of the results): http://www.huria.org/able/public-search.html
  • I corrected the broken images
  • I corrected the link on the usage page (same fix as the homepage) 

Chris, I did not understand the bit about "skyscraper banner for my widgets," I gather from the lol you were joking, but do I owe you something in that regard?


I also updated the code to allow people to share the Power List on their websites. Anyone can add the Power List to their website with just a few lines of code.  The code may be found here: http://www.huria.org/powerlist/ There are already a few sites using the code:

  1. Book Club Magazine
  2. Dr Askhari Johnson Hodari
  3. AALBC.com (needless to say)
  4. Urban Prints Productions
  5. Huria Search

There really should be more that the three sites (not counting my sites) after 19 months.  


I'm going to work on getting both the Power List and Hura Search shared on more websites.  The challenge, still, is that there really are not a lot of people or entities with the technical skill (which is really very minimal in this case), who have the websites, and the desire to share this information.  Certainly there are more that the three, I just ave to find them.


Again as people migrate toward using social media as their primary web presence, the ability to share information like this becomes impossible.

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I had the Power List on my site, but changed the theme and in my new theme, the round circle didn't match my layout aesthetics. So the skyscraper banner is a real request so I can add it to my sidebar in the same format as my startlogic ad and my amazon affiliate. Basically I'm asking you to make a skyscraper banner and you know I won't have a problem posting the Power List. I do know that takes time so whenever you get around to it, I'm on it.


The Huria Search I have to place into the php pages in wordpress which takes a little trial and error and I will work on that one. I'm still working on the layout of the site, but as you said Wordpress has limitations unless I pay for a theme. I'm good at modifying free themes, but some of the modifications change the color of the words on Disqus and I'm working on tying in Disqus into the promotion of my One Hour To Wealth book.


Either way, I know how hard it is to get people to look over your work and when you devote that time, a simply like isn't good enough. I don't mind doing this at all. Like I said, I'm planning my exit out of shoes and I have a lot of time on my hands right now.

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Cgris give the new power list layout a try.  It is fully responsive and I've removed the Power List logo.  Take a look at how it look on my site: http://aalbc.com/books/powerlist.html


Huris search is pretty straight forward too.  This is the same code I'm using on the Power List site

  (function() {
    var cx = '017439764859730021228:ale46ds4sbg';
    var gcse = document.createElement('script');
    gcse.type = 'text/javascript';
    gcse.async = true;
    gcse.src = (document.location.protocol == 'https:' ? 'https:' : 'http:') +
        '//www.google.com/cse/cse.js?cx=' + cx;
    var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
    s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse, s);

We just need more folks doing what we do, working together, on-line, to make a difference (and some money).

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What I was looking at is a 160 x 600 layout which would take the books and place them on top of each other. I actually updated my site and added 2 sidebars, but they are very narrow. I'm keeping the content in the middle of the page and reducing the number of posts on each page to 10 for a quicker page load. I have the old Power List, but it is directed to Mahogany I can fix the link though and use it, I just have to reduce the size. Give me a minute. Honestly I don't have a life and this helps me pass the time. LOL


Okay, I removed my Categories page from the site which decreased the page length. I added the Power List code to the footer.php and now within three scrolls the Power List shows up at the bottom of the page. It fits the scope of the layout and I like it there. This is a good thing. It just takes a little work, but not a lot of time. The Huria Search, is different, I'd like to use it but you didn't add the length to the code so I can't reduce the size. But that's okay. I really like the Power List addition.

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OK let me see what I can come up with.  


Chris keep inmind, your side margins are not large enough to accommodate a 160 pixel wide skyscraper ad.  Your template can accommodate 120 pixels max without creeping outside the boundary the way the Amazon banner is doing now.

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Right, I just adjusted my sidebars and shortened them to 120 which is why I dropped the categories from the page, reduced the number of articles and placed the Power list in the footer. Don't worry about it for me, but if you want to make it for others then it would probably be a good thing anyway. I love the work. How are you planning to drive traffic to the page? I'm starting to realize the best way to gain traffic is by posting something corny and "viral" which I'm not interested in. I am also seeing that doing seminars and workshops are good ways to drive traffic. I think I am going to start doing workshops soon. I've been avoiding a pop up for mail chimp to start building the e-mail list. I still haven't done any marketing with you yet, but the sneakers keep my money tied up. Once I get a bit of breathing room, I think pushing One Hour To Wealth will be my goal. Non-Fiction is doing better than fiction it seems.

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Thanks for sharing the Power List Chris.  Now image if I could get some of the authors, who are actually on the list, to do the same.


Bestsellers lists tend to be popular with readers.  I plan to get other content providers to share the lust.  I also plan to encourage authors and publishers to share the list in the manner in which you have.


Ultimately, we have to begin to promote and uplift our own work.  I believe we will begin to realize this soon enough, as we continue to loose platforms interested in promoting Black books.

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Someone has to have a voice big enough to get the attention of Black folks. I'm working hard on this. It takes money to get the message out and once I begin to make a lot more money, people will begin interviewing me and then instead of avoiding my responsibility I will bring this information to any interview I have. That is the only way it can happen since those writers who have "made" it simply won't share information or do anything that could help others or hinder their own growth or income opportunities.

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From my perspective, and I'm not just talking about books, the concerns of Black folks have been marginalized, or relegated to a place where they are not a primary concern.  


For example, Obama is the president of "all the people" so he will never overtly do something specifically for Black people, the way Johnson, or Kennedy did.


The fight for so called "diversity" also obscures are needs, because diversity does not really mean anything.  Black people themselves are diverse.  You can also be diverse with out Black people.  The fight for diversity is a completely different fight as far as the interests of Black people are concerned.


15 years ago getting attention for this list, at least online, would not have required such a monumental effort.

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I added some additional enhancements to the Power List; You can view all the Power List titles by several dimensions including;

This links gives the all-time top 10 fiction books on the Power List: http://powerlist.info/power-top-f.php  This is a link to the top non-fiction titles: http://powerlist.info/power-top-nf.php

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I actually redesigned my site and these additions will fit nicely into the new layout. Nice work as always Troy! You're right, it shouldn't be that difficult to get this information out there, but keep pushing. I think things will definitely pick up this year.

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