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DEADLY ARTIFACT: A Science Fiction Novel By Eugene Allen Wilson




They both laugh. He pulls a folded sheet of paper out of his right pants pocket and hands it to her.

“What’s that?” She asks with surprise.

“It’s a poem I wrote for you,” he replies with noticeable glee.

“When did you start writing poetry?”

“Just before I begin putting those love notes in your hallway locker. Until you confronted me, I was going to put this in your locker too. So, I just kept it. It’s kind of old, but I think you’ll like it.”

She removes the paper from his hand and unfolds it. She notices that the paper is yellowed and wrinkled. She begins reading it.


If I tell you how happy you make me, would you be my girl?

Would you doubt me if I told you that you are my world?

Could I be the man to dwell in the recesses of your mind?

Is it true that what I feel for you will last for all time?

I feel as though I am standing in the cold of night

Knocking on your door, shivering with fright

Even on a warm summer day, I could never know

If you care for me, your love can make this so.

A relationship can be fraught with uncertainties, I agree.

I will strive to be open and honest. On this, you will see.

Before you, I was a man searching aimlessly throughout the world.

My search for happiness will end only if you become my girl.

Your voice is truly a soothing melody.

The warmth of your touch is my fondest wish.

The beauty of your smile is such a joy to see.

To walk beside you, will this ever be?

What can I do to let you know what I truly mean?

With heart in hand, I offer you my love. This is no dream.

Your answer will determine where I stand in this world.

Therefore, I ask you this fervent question.

Will you? Will you please be my girl?



After reading the poem, she looks up and sees the eagerness in his eyes. “Yes…I will be your girl.” For a few brief seconds, each exchanges an impassioned gaze with the other. From farther away, Vernon feels that the moment is right. He begins playing a 45-speed record. After turning up the volume loud, he opens the front door wide. Maurice and Eunice break out in a short laugh as they recognize Lamont Dozier’s highly popular and heartrending love ballad, Trying To Hold On To My Woman. As the song progresses, Maurice looks into Eunice’s eyes with one fervent desire. “May I please have this dance?” His voice is warm and inviting.


“Yes,” is her reply. Maurice encircles his arms around her waist. She, in turn, encircles her arms around his neck. Closing their eyes, each buries their head into the other’s shoulder. Eagerly, Maurice takes this rare opportunity to slow dance with the only woman whom he desperately wants to hold on to for the rest of his life. In turn, Eunice feels secure in the arms of the only man she truly loves. For the remaining duration of the song, no one or nothing else is of any concern to either of them.



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