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Our Lost Warrior


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Guest Cagedbird

Our Lost Warrior


Our black sistah had no intention of harming the “Man”

He harmed her, there was no need to touch her with his hand.

She was someone's baby, just twenty eight years old,

She was the enemy, a threat, if the twisted truth be told.


She was pulled over by a policeman but it didn't go well,

They say she took her own life, in a Texas jail cell.

She was a warrior, an activist, wanted to make things right,

We will continue, we will never give up her fight.


She felt hopeless, helpless, she thought she was alone,

She cried, she pleaded, but no one picked on the phone.

Yes, we all are at fault, we failed her, she didn't deserve to die,

Look into all of your hearts and answer me, “Why?”


Sandra Bland, your death will not be in vain,

Your family will see to it, if they can get rid of the pain.

You will be missed, but in our hearts you will always be

We will demand justice, all of us, including ME.

(c) 2015 Evelyn D. Hall

John 5: 28, 29







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