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Wild Ivy Publishing Presents: Dianne Cooper's Dark Justice - Reading & Book Signing

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Wild Ivy Publishing Presents Dark Justice by Dianne...

Sunday, August 16 from 5 pm - 7 pm

The Lona Gallery

176 W Crogran St.

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Dark Justice, written by Diane Cooper, is a dark, gritty, and heartbreakingly honest account of one woman’s journey through the Federal Penitentiary system. While continuously proclaiming her innocence, Cooper is manipulated by both the judicial system and street code honor to play by the rules, which leads to a forty year prison sentence. Written in the author’s own street-wise voice, Dark Justice is the first book of a series that walks the reader through the painful experience of leaving children and family behind to begin a journey that will change her life forever. Based on actual events.

Join the author for refreshments and Q&A. Ms. Cooper will be reading a selection of her work at this event.

Presented by www.wildivypublishing.com

Purchase at www.authordiannecooper.com

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Hi Ivy welcome to the forums.

I added the cover of Dark Justice


I also could not resist sharing this video I noticed on your website.

At the 18:30 mark the host says your email address should reflect your business; it should not be @yahoo.com or @gmail.com I think the same thing should apply to social media.  I believe business owners who send people to social media, instead of directing them to their website, are making a mistake.    



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Well I look forward to reading more of what you have to write Ivy.  

How did you discover the forum and what promoted you to post?

Also adding videos is pretty easy; you just paste the youtube or vimeo URL and the forum will automatically embed it. 

For images you click the blue "insert other media" at the lower right-hand side of the editing window and paste the URL of the image you'd like to include. The image of your client's book is actually stored on Amazon's site.  

I usually only paste images that are stored on my server, because you never know what another site is going to do with an image in the future.  For example, if Amazon decides to rename, move or delete the above image it will show that broken image icon.  {It is also frowned upon to display images that are stored on someone else's server.  But in this case Amazon has massive servers and I am linking back to their website, so they'll not likely complaint or notice.}

You can also copy and paste form an email or word document.  The system is pretty good at retaining the original formatting.

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I did try some of the options you listed but I received an error message stating that the file and image was too large. I found your forum last month as I was researching key influencers to write a review for my author's book (You received an e-mail request as well) :). I noticed very quickly that your site was well organized, up-to-date and full of valuable resources. I decided that AALBC was an organization that I wanted to establish a relationship with.

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