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 Mr. John Doe


Intoxicated by the thought of you. Catching my breathe as I close my eyes and vision you.

 I want you.

Losing my focus with mental images of you.

 Smart man, good man, black man, strong man, kind man, fun man...

A man's man that knows love.

 That knows God and God knows him. A man hugged by the sun, just as myself.

 A man that reflects in my mirror.

I want that, I need that, I deserve that, I am that...


 A new found freedom can bring confusion. The heart just wants to be wanted. The flesh just wants to be held. The mind...gets drowned out...That's the battlefield.

He's vain; he thinks this is about him, and he thinks this is about him. Oh, (Ha Ha) look...him...over there...he thinks this is about him.

 But see now...


You know exactly who you are.

We connect, on a different level. Our psyche matches.

Even if a borderline and a few cities apart...I can feel you.

What if I read the signs all wrong? What if there is a flip side?

You could not want me...you could be sexually magnified to me, but feel empty intellectually.

 You may not be tuned into me at all.

 I'd rather follow what I feel in my soul. I'll believe that she is correct from the start.

Cupid didn't miss...

My eyes lock on you, my body says go, my heart says you have to tell him,

my soul says move slow.

I do, I move, I'm trying. But its scary!

 I don't want my place stolen...if I have a place.

 Such a risk, putting my heart on the line like this.



He wants me...Even though he didn't.

He loves me...He told me. He's nice. He's kind. He's sweet. He's cute.

 But...he's not you.

 He's not you!

 I want you.

 So I have to pray. Pray for guidance, balance, love, understanding and peace.

And through God, we will be connected!

 Me and You.

 Whomever you are!

 I desire God, so I have him. I need him, he supplies the air I breathe. 

And through him I am granted, if he sees fit, the desires of my heart, in due time!

 I want you. I told him.

Therefore my faith tells me to trust, and if he and I can agree, and the angels sing,

so will our hearts

 Together Forever!

Love Mrs. Doe




Love, Be Peaceful & Search For Truth!

Shaniqka T.


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