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New novel, Don't Shoot takes a look at violence in Chicago

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Fictional Work Inspired by Black Lives Matter Highlights Factual Realities of Modern Day Race Relations


Arnetta Randall, Author of  ‘Stereotypically Me,’ Explores Segregation, Police Brutality and Political Corruption in Sophomore Book Release


CHICAGO, Ill. – Arnetta Randall, author of “Stereotypically Me” will debut her new novella, “Don’t Shoot,” on November 3. The book launches on the heels of several officer-involved shootings and riots across the U.S., and is largely inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

In “Don’t Shoot,” police shootings claim the lives of one white victim and one black victim in the city of Chicago. The story details the incidents and their aftermath, spotlighting the corrupt political machine and segregation that persist in the city today.

“While we would like to think discrimination is a southern problem, there are many issues in the north,” said Arnetta Randall on her blog. “Our nation is nowhere being the post-racial society we would like to be.”

“The inequality of our systems, education, housing and the intense concentration of poverty in black and brown neighborhoods is racist,” Randall continued. “Being silent about this is violence and ignoring this racism is complicity.”

Randall also uses “Don’t Shoot” to chronicle the evolution of Black Lives Matter, an activist movement that was born following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of African-American teen Trayvon Martin. The movement has continued to swell in the wake of several highly publicized cases of police brutality in 2014 and 2015.

Randall is an avid blogger and published freelance writer. She explores meaningful and sometimes controversial cultural issues and weaves them into works of commercial fiction. Randall has been accepted into Northwestern’s postgraduate creative writing certificate program and will attend the Can Serrat writing residency in Spain in March 2016.

For more information about Randall and her latest book, “Don’t Shoot,” visit www.arnettarandall.com or email arnettarandall@gmail.com. “Don’t Shoot” is available via Amazon.com. 



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I can't bring myself to watch it. I haven't watched it and I don't plan on watching it. I'm not ignoring the shooting or violence against Blacks, there just isn't anything I can do about it. I commend those who continuously march and fight, but I know now the best thing I can do is raise my children in the best way I can and then affect the children I've taught and continue to interact with as best as I can. If I can keep my kids safe, while also mentoring 5-20 kids, I've done my part. Now, take me and multiply that with all black men and then you have a solution to the shootings. I say it once, I say it over and over, you can't kill a together people. Go to 1:40 of this video. The most revolutionary thing Black people can do is come together.


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"The most revolutionary thing Black people can do is come together" and yes Niggers are afraid of revolution.  That will be my definition of Nigger: a person who is afraid of Black unity or who, through deliberate action, ignorance, or stupidity acts to impede it--revolution.

(same video as the one @CDBurns linked above.  

Happy Thanksgiving fixing to head over to my Mother-in-law to grub. I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving--here is to revolution!



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I like the honesty in what you had to say. However, believe me, you are making a real contribution every time you mentor a child. Yes, I wish we could multiply mentoring contributions. Sometimes, I want to give up. However, this is just not an option for me--ever. I will fight for our children until the day I leave this Earth. I was one of them--lost, neglected, and doomed to fail or so I thought. I know what great teachers and mentors can do for a challenged youth.

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