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William Marshall as Othello


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I been checking out this DVD. A scene from it as follows


Enjoyed this performance more than the one by Blatherin Sir Larry (Ole Blackface) even though it was later in Marshall's life, he had an inferior cast, and he was wearing a lavender costume that made him look like Maya Angelou with a mustache (I think the costumer went for "classical" costuming.

I think here William Marshall, being black, did not have to act black and just had to sit back and blow.

Them lines by the way are ridiculous and reduced several members of the cast to chewing the scenery.

Face it--nobody talks like that anymore (and they did not then--imagine making a five minute speech in beautiful Elizabethan blank verse while bleeding your guts out)

Shakespeare may be through.

All his recent movies ain't done nothing at the box office.

Go to a play, and you got a bunch of couch potatoes pretending they understand it. Ha!

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