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Your Presidency


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Your Presidency

By: JonRenee Author: of Poetic Lyric Verse 1 ©2015


In 2004, I remember hearing a sermon by Pastor Trunell Felder from Chicago praying a prophetic word that, “In 2008, Barack Obama’s voice would be heard, not from his seat in the senate, but propelled in a position of presidency.

Amen…..but men, have tried to bring him down and defame his character in the most disrespectful way.  A black man in the white house, we thought we would never see the day….but this day, in my day, have I ever witnessed so much hate.

I felt the pains of my ancestors at the same time the joy that mark the history of this day.  His head held high, with his wife by his side, Michelle Obama, with courage that’s unshakeable.  His fate became debatable, among the naysayer crowd.  You can hear them on talk shows or radio stations that didn’t mind saying the “N” word out loud.

November 4, the votes are in and I can hear my people cry.  In the melodies of Sam Cooke, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” and yes it has….but we still have a long way to go.  His gray hairs can account for his faith to keep him from being oppressed.  Newspapers, headlines, and sold out lies of negativity in the press.  He delivers to the nation his presidential speech without nepotism, keeping an impartial nest.

Sacrificing his time, his family, his life, rigorously deciding what’s ethical.  Battling, the rightful means to an end.  Ignoring the “magpie gossip” of west heckle and east jeckle.  His ethnicity is still a fact of laughter to them.  Haters never wanted to see him win…but he did again in 2012.

Imagine that…but the guns have been selling faster than the tickets to see the Broadway show “Cats.”  Tis the season…but for what reason?  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve?  How disrespectful they are to your presidency.  I declare civil war or I declare justice.  In the system of things, can we trust this?  They mock his name, Obama Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Oh my Lord, they are shinning up their weapons to see the day he’s slain.

He continues on like Martin L. King, dedicated to manifesting his dream.  Leading by example while setting an example.  They may have killed Martin L. King back in Tennessee…but they never killed the spirit of his dream.  It continues to live on through President Obama, through you, through me.  One love, endless journey, changing the face of history one day at a time through “Your Presidency.”

I declare peace.


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My sista, my sista, you certainly espouse truth. I love your wisdom and the power of your words. While we may not understand and appreciate all that our president stands for, someday we all will recognize the honor achieved in having the Obamas in the White House. Despite what is said about him, despite what is done to his name, and despite his "human" fallacies, he is brilliant, powerful, and courageous. I dare others to walk in his shoes and perform nearly as well. It is so easy to sit back and judge.  JonRenee, I admire you in spirit and love your work!

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