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Actually Chris I tried that, but the in this case the PDF did not retain the formatting and I did not have time to reformat it.  Most of the pdf's content my be found on Pamela's (Diane Cooper) web page on the new website.  

@Wild Ivy Publishing basically what Chris is saying is that it is much better to simply paste the contents of your press release direct into the your message here.  People are often skittish about loading attachments because they contain malware (even unintentionally). It is also good for search engine optimization as this site is indexed regularly.  Plus it is just easier for visitors saving them the extra step.  

If you copy and paste from a word document the formatting is preserved quite well.  This is typically true for pdf's as too, but for some reason, in the case of your pdf it just pasted the text without line breaks.

@CDBurns I still did not mail a November eNewsletter.  Is that anything you want to promote as the enewsletter sponsor.  I'm going to mail it within a week.  I guess I'll call it the December eNewsletter--man I'm swamped.


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Troy I trust your judgement on the promo. I just put the pre-order up for Book 3 in the series so I guess a link to that would be best since I think it's the book that will probably get people to read the other two books in the series. Here is the link: http://www.cbpublish.com/1-hour-wealth-series-book-3-f-k-speeches-inspiration/

That's the best thing. Don't worry about the shoe stuff, let's keep it books. Thanks for all you do. I know how busy you are and all I'm hoping is that with the recent increase in people posting that all of the work is paying off and people will start building a better book community!

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