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Racists Comments Continue


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You know you've reached a certain level of prominence when racists relentlessly attack you.  I had to delete scores of comments on 4 different websites.

In some perverse way I feel bad for these folks who vent the racist hatred.  Some white folks are angry but they have no clue who the enemy is.  Black people were never under any illusions--sure we gun each other down in the streets from time to time, but at the end of the day most of appreciate who the oppressor is.  It is not the good 'old boy on the other side of the tracks --any more than it is a rival gang member of the other side of town.

Image being a white man in America seeing jobs sold overseas, seeing homes foreclosed, and truly believing the people doing this give a crap about you... it must be classical cognitive dissonance trying to wrap your brain around the fact that these guys don't care about you any more than they care about us.

I had to delete screens and screens of these messages (screens shot below).  I would have left the individual messages stand if they were not spamming scores of pages.  This anger needs to be more widely known. Trump's prominence is a reflection of this anger and the country ignores it at their peril.  The Islamic state is the least of our concerns...




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OMG! This is when I wish I could revert back to my former, younger, less disciplined, ignorant self--a time when I would have been ready to kick me some old fashioned #@*. What is wrong with people? Oh, I forgot, Donald Trump  and those other idiots are empowering their boldness. Bernie Sanders speaks of revolution--I am not saying that I am advocating for him, but I am afraid that revolution is on the horizon if real, positive change does not take place. Unfortunately, this kind of dangerous/ignorant rhetoric will receive response. Depending on who gets to occupy the White House next, Black Lives Matter will only be the beginning. What and who is happening in our country and to the entire world is absolutely shameful and embarrassing. I am so happy that I cannot have anymore children.

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