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Go On Girl! Book Club Celebrates 25 Years

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Go On Girl! Book Club appreciates your support over the years. We will be celebrating 25 amazing years of reading and honoring authors from the African Diaspora and it’s because of your company and the relationship we’ve had. You connected us to the many authors and books we read and ultimately honored at our Annual Author Awards events throughout the years. You also supported our annual magajournal with messages that highlighted writers from the African Diaspora.

It is because of you keeping us in the loop and our love of literature and books and wanting to spread the word we have gone from a humble beginning of one chapter in 1991 to over 30 chapters in 15 different states with over 300 members. Go On Girl! Book Club is now one of the largest African-American women's book clubs in the country.

Thank you for your continued support of the Go On Girl! Book Club by purchasing ad space in our annual magajournal.

In 2016 the Go On Girl! Book Club will celebrate 25 years of reading and honoring writers from the African Diaspora.  The 25th Anniversary and 24th Annual Authors Award will take place June 2-5, 2016 at Lowes Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Help us celebrate the legacy of Black literature as we honor our 2015 winning authors and our 2016 Unpublished Writer and Scholarship award winners.

The 2016 magajournal will be published to commemorate the 25th Anniversary and Authors Awards Event. You are welcomed to send a message of tribute and/or congratulations by again purchasing space in our collector's edition.  We are reaching out to you to continue your support of our organization.  We have a special 25th Anniversary package for $1,500 that includes a 4/C ad in the magajournal and a leader board ad on the site for 6 months with the ability to switch creative out once (giving you the opportunity to advertise 3 different ads). You can also take advantage of the 2015 rates, as seen in the enclosed 2015 Media Kit, by sending in an Ad Insertion order form by January 2nd for both the magajournal and/or the website.

In 2016 the advertising rates are going up.  The 2015 rates are effective until January 2, 2016. To guarantee the 2015 rate all you have to do now is send in an insertion order reserving your space in the special anniversary issue.

As noted in the Media Kit, all Ad Materials should be sent to lyndajgog@gmail.com  Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at (917) 923-8035.

Lynda M. Johnson, Co-Founder and Chair
Go On Girl! Book Club



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Since 1991, Go On Girl Book Club has been, and remains, one of the most important entities celebrating Black literature.  They have over 30 chapters across the country, and are the largest national reading organization, for black women, in America.

The magajounral mentioned is a collector's item.  It is one of the best publications covering Black books available--too bad it only comes out once a year.  AALBC.com has advertised in it for several years and has even written an article or two for it.  

15 years ago, I attended their National Convention in Chicago and took the photo below.  It was a wonderful event.  I got an opportunity to speak with a wide variety of authors including Sam Greenlee. 

(photo from 2000) - Evalyn Hamilton, then Newsletter editor; Lynda Johnson, then Treasurer and founder; and Monique Greenwood, then President and founder (Monique was also, at the time, Editor-In-Chief of Essence Magazine)

Last year I attended, Go On Girl! Book Club's National Conference in Baltimore. It was the one of the best book events I attended that year.  You don't have to be a club member to enjoy it; It is simply a world class event.  The magajounral reflects that quality.  You will not go wrong advertising in it.


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