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harry brown

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Before Trump ran for office white people were predicting the rise of someone like Trump.  The conditions are similar to the ones in which Hitler rose to power.  

I completely "get" Trump's appeal.  Part of the problem is that the media desperate for viewers are simply reporting, often misreporting, everything he has to say.  This has only helped Donald.

Trump is voicing the concerns of the downtrodden white, Christian majority. Something that was a seemingly politically incorrect thing for a conventional politician to do, but serves Donald in spades. As misdirected (blaming Mexican for job loses for example) as it may be in some instances, we ignore or dismiss this demographic at our peril.

Donald Trump is definitely no idiot, egotistical with a touch of sociopathy, perhaps--but definitely no idiot.  I don't even think Donald is an actual racist. Reducing him to these simple characteristics allows us to underestimate him and his power.

The only color Donald sees is GREEN.  The way things are going he will be seeing a lot more green in the future.

The Chicago mayor should be facing jail time.


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I'm curious as to how Trump will profit from his campaign. If he doesn't win, he'll become a pariah in corporate circles.  If he does win, he'll have to put his holdings in trust and live off his presidential annual salary which is peanuts compared to what he can make in a year as a private citizen.  He might be able to earn money on the lecture circuit but only for so long. I don't see his run for the presidency as a cash cow for someone who is already a billionaire. 

 I also don't think his constituency is primary down trodden Christians.  That's Cruz's and Carson's bailiwick. Trump appeals more to the macho, Joe 6-pak, gun advocate, blue collar crowd, super patriots who want America to throw its weight around, both at home and abroad. Or is he an overtly devout Christian, and he seems rather indifferent to abortion.   I even think that should he win, once he takes office, he will rein in or modify many of his radical views and rely more upon expert opinions.  


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Sure Trump appeals to the Joe 6-pack, gun-advocate, blue-collar, super-patriots crowd too.  I lump them into the downtrodden category as well.  The kind of guy who works a labor intensive, boring, or dangerous, dead-end job and comes home, pops open a six pack and watches the game.  

This guy is no better off than the woman trapped in government subsidized housing, who gets off from a job standing on her feet all day, behind a register perhaps, too tired to do anything with the kids, and watches Housewives of Atlanta.  He kills animals for fun (hunts) and she goes to Church. Both are releases, but people need more.

I also don't mean to imply that Trump only appeals to the downtrodden.  He also appeals to the super rich, and the wannabe super rich.  Do you think anyone else would be more pro-business than Trump? 

It seems increasingly likely Trump will win the nomination, but the GOP may not back him.  Supposedly he signed a pledge not to run against the GOP on a third party ticket.  We will see what happens.

If I were a billionaire, the last thing I would want to be is POTUS.  Seriously, who wants the aggravation and a lifetime of secret service?  You are may be right in that Trump is not motivated by money.  But what, then, is his motivation?  

Do you buy into his rhetoric that he wants to make "America great again."  What does that mean anyway?  Does he mean when Black were still enslaved, or under the rule of Jim Crow?  When was America any "greater" or worse than it is now?

Don't sleep on those speaking fees, as a sitting President Trump will get paid more ways that you can imagine.  He could be president for free if he wanted.  

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Troy, I must agree with you, Trump is nobody's idiot. Whatever is said about the man, Donald Trump is a manipulative, evil, genius to me. For the most part, I think he knows exactly what he is doing and it is presently working for him. Will he be our next president? I think not. All of America will come to their senses one way or the other and realize that his contributions for this country and for our global economy are outrageous.

I am going out on a limb here to make a terrible comparison on a scale of national tragedy, pain, and suffering. Osama Bin Laden displayed evil brilliance in bringing down the World Trade Center. The events of 911 turned out better than even he had imagined. His well planned scheme was successful and made a lasting impact on the world. Bin Laden had a brilliant mind that was set to utter destruction, but he was brilliant just the same. You might disagree with me on this, but no one saw 911 coming and he damned near crippled us in a way that keeps us at war to this very day. I put Donald Trump in almost this same category. He is dangerously brilliant with measured calculations for what he wants and how he plans to get it. What is scary is that we couldn't see Osama Bin Laden coming for us. But we can see Donald Trump and his evil plans coming straight for us. This tells me loud and clear that he is not an idiot--some of his followers may be, but he, for sure, is not.

Please know that I am nowhere near advocating for this kind of violence and hatred. I do not like the man or his politics. I am sharing that brilliance can exist in the presence of evil planning.  The good Donald is espousing what no other presidential contenders dare to say or do--only because he can--folks who support him says so. To what end is this done? He is about to bring down what compares figuratively to our World's Trade Centers if we, as a nation and world, don't wake up and put an end to his evil genius.


Mr. Brown, thanks so much for initiating this great conversation :)

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