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the soul.

The pineal gland was the seat of the soul.  

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  1. 1. How to descale your pineal gland ?

    • Promotes the weight
    • The pineal gland is the key toward the illumination
    • What Do not remove fluoride ?
    • You need to reduce your consumption of fluorine. Black and red tea come from two different types of plants, but the two sheets naturally contain high amounts of fluoride.

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The pineal gland has the shape of a pine cone, where his name that comes from the Latin "pinea "Who wants to say "pin".

Technically, the pineal gland is not part of the brain. It is not protected by the blood-brain barrier, in fact, it receives more blood than all the other bodies with the exception of the kidneys. As it is not protected from the blood stream, it accumulates mineral deposits, also called "cerebral sand". With time, this sand accumulation and produces the calcification of the gland, making opaque viscous and the fluid in the interior of the gland.

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