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Well, it's that time again.  Winter is full blown and the Leo lioness who my birth date entitles me to emulate is now in retreat. Ensconced in my woman's cave, drowsy and weary, I am now shifting into my bear mode, ready to hibernate. Slowing drifting off, I rest assured that the world will take care of itself without my advice, and the future will outlast the present without my prompting.  My winning Power Ball tickets, safely tucked away, will retain their value, and my stored body fat will keep hunger at bay. Full of eager anticipation, my subconscious is ready to luxuriate in the freedom to muse without the distraction of overt reality.  

Yes, from time to time, I will stir and stretch and yawn and cup my ear for any news worthy of note.  But, as a faithful disciple of Morpheus, the god of sleep, I will again close my eyes and rest until Spring rouses and rejuvenates me with its promise of a new beginning.

 Easing into its state of suspended animation, one of the many ideas my mind will feed on is a quote that has whet my appetite for wisdom... 

"Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science, holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that every one sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see"...




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I purchased $4 worth of tickets for the $900M and $2 worth of tickets for the $1.5B dollar lottery.  I did not win a cent.  You are basically purchasing a dream, a possibility that your life can take a turn for the better.

It is no wonder lottery booths proliferate in poor neighborhoods.  I wonder if the constant playing, and hoping, that inevitably ends in losing, if we would be better off having not played at all.  Is the hope, then the loss, better than not having the hoped at all?  

I'd imagine it would be more constructive to place our bets on something with a more realistics opportunity to win, like the craps table in a casino.  

Better still, image if we took the money wasted on lottery tickets and used it to build something.  Humm, I think I have a better chance at hitting the Power Ball.   

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An interesting observation, Del.  

The poor aren't the only ones who play the lottery. One motivation for players from all walks of life is  "you gotta get in it, to win it" and "somebody has to win".  And, not all players are losers just because they didn't win the big jackpot. Me and a lot of other people got our initial investments back because of the smaller amounts paid out for having fewer than all the winning numbers. Bottom line, for just a moment in time, it was fun to fantasize about what winning a billion dollars would allow you to do!  

Glad it doesn't cost anything "to sleep, - per chance to dream".   Z Z Z Z zzzzzz

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Heard on the local news last night : A 20-something year-old Black man here in Metro Atlanta won about 400-thousand dollars in the Georgia lottery. He was shot to death in an apparent home invasion on Wednesday night. His sister was in the house at the time but unharmed.  The moral of this tale : Dreams do come true but when it does it's probably best to leave your neighborhood.

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