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Guest Paul L. Leach

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Guest Paul L. Leach


Sparkling with the glint of sunrise

The sun’s red-orange hue

Somehow turns me blue

Because it wasn’t so long ago the sunrise

Was in your eyes, giving me my morning view

As I awakened from a night of passion

To glimpses of sunlight that laps

The lapses of the moon’s radiance underneath

Your eyelashes;

Wondering if I still hold that dream in your eyes

But what is visible

Is the glistening dew

Resembling tears of the day we separated

Like mist turning into a trickle, then a drop falling

 I wanted to cry but my eyes did not give in

I evaporated, coming back anew

Thinking of, but never with you

The grass that completed me

Held me together

 As we created a shine

That made other lovers want to be us

Sparkling, with the glint of sunrise

The sun’s red-orange hue

Arising, hugging the curves of you my Earth

As I stare out this window

It wasn’t long ago

The sunrise was in your eyes, for my morning view


You can find my poems at:





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