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If your Facebook status OR comment is more than 400 words...

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Someone tagged me on this comment, because they knew I would agree with this.  Now the sister that wrote this is somewhat of a Blogging sensation.  Here post was shared 1.6K times in a few hours.  I scanned the comments in reaction and it is clear most people did not understand what she was saying.  But some clearly got it, so maybe, just maybe we still have a chance.

If your Facebook status OR comment is more than 400 words, you've written a blog post. That's an article. And you should...

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Luvvie Ajayi


Wednesday, March 2, 2016
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Dang we've been saying this for how long? People will listen to her, she has a huge platform as a blogger. Could it be, she's a lurker and has seen us making this case for the last few years? hmmmmm either way it's good that someone with a bigger platform is starting to get it. What may be happening is she is seeing her own profile decrease since Facebook has become the destination for people who peruse her site.

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Well I think it is probably the later @CDBurns, she sees social media sapping her traffic.  I monitor the entire online book environment and the impact has been devastating.  Sure there are many reasons Black book websites struggle including, failure to keep up technically, dependence on a single stream of income, lack of new content, etc, but the impact of social media can't be ignored.

Of course the impact is not limited to Bloggers, and Black book websites, the entire web is effected.  

Luvvie has an advantage in that she is a celebrity.  AALBC.com has an advanatge in the it is big and has been around a while.  But the real problem is social has put a real damper on the ability for new indie websites from succeeding.  Which I always argued makes the Internet a less rich place and focuses control onto a few platforms.  Another Luvvie or AALBC.com will be virtually impossible to start today.

But the solutions are simple: (1) As Luvvie says, stop giving Facebook your content. (2) Take all of you energy devoted to social and actively support other platforms--including your own.

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