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Reading the devil's mind. by Darnell


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stock-photo--d-rendered-portrait-of-a-devil-with-a-devious-grin-7156858.jpg If I could get high right now, I would. Are you kidding me, there is no greater feeling. That's real and very dangerous. If you didn't know, you don't want to know, because the sensations of some chemicals are better than the best orgasms. That's real and very dangerous.

If you didn't know, you don't want to know, because some drugs will actually bring on an orgasm. Yes, that's the truth and very dangerous. Who doesn't like orgasms?

You will not hear this from your local treatment center of your 10 o'clock news AND you might not want to, because some drugs hold back ejaculation which make some men feel like Tarzan. And, women love their Tarzans. That's the honest to God truth and that's real and very dangerous. Who doesn't want to boogie woogie all night long?

If I could get high right now, I would. Who wouldn't want to hold back the aging process? Some drugs do that, but you didn't hear that from me (and you will not hear that from anyone else), AND, you don't want to hear that. Some of the best athletes have the lowest heart rates, around 30-40 beats per second. An elevated heart rate means the heart is working harder. Stress, worry and pain are contributing factors to an increased heart rate. Some drugs will take away that worry and stress and leave you with a sense of ease and comfort. You don't want to hear that because it's an euphoria like no other. Some drugs produce a sleep with dreams that are colorful, peaceful and long lasting. Nothing in the world can touch it, and that's real and very dangerous.

All the above situations, sexual prowess, instant orgasms, long orgasms, multiple orgasms, sweet dreams, and a worry free mind are very dangerous. Not because of the championed adverse affects, it's because you're going to love it. Then, after a short period, the mind remembers all those sensations, BUT... and HOWEVER, unfortunately those same sensations will never be reached again without that same drug. No never, not ever, NEVER. But the mind sits and waits for it's lover to come back home. There will never be another lover like that lover. But the mind sits, and cries and yearns and waits.

This post was inspired by my closest friend that heard that cry. He was in the ministry, sitting right up in the pulpit, but unfortunately his demons called him back. He just called me today (July 19, 2010) and others had been whispering. We had been walking this path together. For years we have been each others greatest support. Now I am left to wonder, what went wrong?

If I could get high right now, today, I would, but I can't. I asked my friend if the drug still felt as good as in the old days. He said it felt even better. But let me go back a couple of days.

The other day I received an e-mail from another blogger. One part of the e-mail said, "Im gonna start getting more confrontational, but in a good way. I may be wrong from time to time, but Im sure people will put me in my place. I want to build a more dynamic blog, like yours, boo!"

Well, I've often questioned why I and other people blog? Although we seldom talk about it, I doubt there's not one of us who doesn't want to be sought out, liked, and admired. In no small way, our perceived popularity makes us or breaks us. It's like the wind beneath our wings. And, confrontation is not for everyone.

However, I say to my friend and others, be careful what you ask for. I may be confrontational and I may be loud, that's because I have to be or I might get high. My brain will ply me with sweet memories of days long gone. It will try to render me helpless against that first wayward walk on the wild side. So I have to say it loud and confront anything they may persuade me to forget the insanity driven consequences of taking that same path as my friend.

I don't know what evil lurked in the heart of my best friend, but I know the devil had me in his mouth, but I slipped away with a little help.

Being loud, confrontational or what some would consider dynamic, or whatever, will not get one a bunch of comments or hits, but it's helping me to never forget the horrors of my past. I have to keep the problem close to me so that I am always working on solutions. Because I remember it, and I know I will hear it's call, but I can't love it anymore. I have to keep the evil consequences at the forefront of my mind, or I WILL lose this battle. I have not arrived and I don't want to be tricked into thinking I have.

More... http://careycarey-ca...-baby-i_19.html

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