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Cassava Republic Press: A Bright Star in the World of Black Books


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How utterly refreshing to wake up to this. Thanks so much for sharing this video about this amazing young woman. In a brief recap, this is what I picked up on: Jolyon spoke of questioning being essential to one's development, saying that we don't ask sufficient questions of our governments. She spoke about writing from one's internal world and, how writing is the mechanism for freedom of the mind and imagination. She spoke about the importance of having great covers for books and how these covers are the objects of beauty!!! In addressing on how best to publish the interiors of children's books, she said that while  "full color" is very expensive to produce, it is essential in children's books because they will experience plenty of black and white in their worlds as they grow into their lives--let them experience color, she said. And finally, she spoke to culture as being the foundation to a narrative.

Troy, I absolutely agree with you. This is exactly why indie presses are important. I love imaginative book covers, both my books' interiors are in full color, and I totally agree with her about questioning. Self publishing my books via independent publishing allows me to own my imagination and creativity in how I direct what I write. This lady is awesome. Thank God for her!!!

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