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Other Side

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Hi @Ray Hollar-Gregory, I would not describe what you are doing as “shameless,” because sharing information about one’s book is one of the purposes of this website.  So if you are going to take the time to do plug your book, do it in such a way that it might actual pique someone’s interest.

I say this not just for your benefit, but for anyone else who might be reading this and contemplating sharing their book’s information or other places like AALBC.com.

First, save readers a step, by providing more information about your book up front.  I’m not saying don’t include a link to your website—definitely do that, what I am saying is you are likely to grab more attending from the people reading this forums if you posted a description here.  

Second, always include an image of your book.  They say never judge a book by it’s cover, but the reality is people do judge books by their covers. So again, provide that info up front, particularly if you believe if you belive serves to represent your book well.

Third, do you have a website? If so always provide a link to it. It you don't have a website, get one.

Finally, always use an affiliate code when sending people to Amazon; not doing this is the equivalent of giving money away. If we all constantly give Amazon free promotion the least we should do is get something in return, right?  Read this article for more information on Amazon's affiliate program and other things writers should do.

Congrats on the new book!  

other-side.jpgOther Side is contemporary literature set in the New York City area, circa 1980s. The themes are viewed through the experiences of Jordan Baros a young middle class African American attorney. While race is an issue and part of the active consciousness, the majority of themes are universal. The title Other Side is an attempt to explore the duality of personality, character and actions of people. The main character faces his conflicts and value propositions through four relationships that are juxtaposed and contradictory. His pursuit of validation and truth is explored through his mother, wife, mistress and a sex worker. The reader is introduced to an array of other characters and backgrounds. The anecdotes from each encapsulate a broad perspective of political and social issues in a multicultural American society. Although presented through the prism of a male protagonist the women's stories of relationship struggle and maturation provides the platform for all the characters development. 

Jordan Baros narrates stories that represent the various engagements from his and the female characters stage of life and being. His mother (Rachel) is regretful of failure to find happiness (love) and security and its effect on her son, his wife (Trina) is hurting from her insecurities exacerbated from his infidelity and betrayal of Jordan's commitment to family, the mistress (Maria Velez) is damaged from past abuses and sense of worthlessness, and the sex worker's (Toy) anger is a result of untold disrespect and need for basic survival. The characters act out their love, frustrations and dreams for the future. As the story progresses, Jordan navigates the various ups and downs of love, sex, career, family and self. He explores the sustenance and growth that comes from his female relationships and the movement toward an understanding of himself and place in the world. 

Jordan is firmly entrenched in modern-day America. His perspective through the supporting characters is relatable and combined they present personal stories about love, betrayal and alienation. They express a pervading lack of comprehension with a profound need for stability. Ultimately, he realizes that in order to be fulfilled in love and life he must accept himself and frailties including the strength to control his destructive impulses. 

All the main characters in Other Side are seeking fulfillment and love. Over the course of the story Jordan strives for completeness. His wife, Trina confronts her insecurities and seeks to reduce her dependence, his mother is resigned to a life she has but harbors no ill will to anyone, the mistress Maria Velez is determined to find her solace and feels entitled to do so, Toy, the sex worker is doomed to self destruction and failure. For the most part each one desires someone who makes them feel special and supports them. As women, they make the mistake of compromising themselves in the pursuit of love and meet with disappointment when the men they choose (or who choose them) cannot be what they want. Their sorrows are immediately relatable to most men and women who have experienced a painful relationship. Other Side captures the raw pain of love in its various forms. 

The characters in Other Side start out captured in the moment conflicted and searching. The male protagonist is torn because of a desperate need for love. His journey moves from selfish arrogance, duplicity with soiled values to self-awareness and self-actualization. The women characters learn to accept their scars, their successes, and their connection to something more powerful and divine. By the end of the story they become accepting of their stations even when flawed and are hopeful about their future.

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Thanks Troy:

I appreciate the coaching. I must confess that the promotional/marketing phase is a daunting task. I have presented the theme and storyline of Other Side on other AALBC pages but will follow your counsel and repeat my pitch when the opportunity presents itself. I am a novice and have visited numerous sites and read just as many support articles for indie authors. Patience and a conscientious work ethic similar to the determination to write Other Side motivate me to during this promotional process. I am navigating guidelines and posting to various websites including FB, Twitter, Goodreads etc. I intend to give copies of the book to community “influencers”. Hopefully over the holiday break readers will have time to engage and enjoy my tale. I look forward to AALBC’s selection for review in the future. Thanks again for what you do to support and enhance the creative ability within the African-American community.


Just posted a preview of my book Other Side at https://www.createspace.com/Preview/1194970


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It is a daunting task, for those with the resources I usually suggest hiring a good publicist. But continuing to spread the word and networking as you are already doing will help.  

I'm actually about a 1/4 of the way through a book about book promotion.  I plan to review it.  If I do I'll be sure to post a link on the home page.  So far there are no real revelations, but it is a good high level overview of the main aspects of getting the word about your book out there.

I think advertising can help build a brand, but here to some insight is required to do this effectively.  Interestingly, I don't know any professionals one can hire to deal with the advertising side of marketing for authors.  I've had publicists buy ads on this site on behalf of authors they were working for, but one can really benefit from a pro that can evaluate the effectiveness of ad placement, and even work deals with media (websites, magazines, newspapers) to secure the best pricing for a several authors.


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