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Children's Book Festival in Camden, New Jersey

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ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC Connects with Affiliates from the Haddon Avenue Street Festival to Implement the Children’s Book Festival in Conjunction with an Annual Event in Camden, New Jersey


Contact: ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC                                      For Immediate Release
iamadckid@gmail.com and Info@HamptonPublishingHouse.com    

ADC Kid and Hampton Publishing House, LLC have been very busy recruiting authors, illustrators, sponsors, and partnerships for the Children’s Book Festival. These companies have been in conversation with the City Council of Camden and Parkside Learning Garden about PBCIP's Haddon Avenue Street Festival. It was decided and accepted by each company that the event should be held in associate with the street festival, which has over 500 attendees each year. The Children’s Book Festival is being sponsored by various organizations and companies, three of which include prominent companies/organizations, such as Central Michigan University, TERK Loving clothing line, and Butterfly Dreamz. This festival will be held in association with the Haddon Avenue Street Festival at Parkside Learning Garden (1221 Haddon Avenue, Camden, New Jersey) from 12 - 4 PM on Saturday, September 17, 2016. It was created for the sole purpose of encouraging children to read, be healthy, and connecting them with authors of the books they read. The children’s interaction with the authors will assist with their growth and development as readers, help spark their creative flairs by partaking in various activities, and encourage them to be children by having fun. We look forward in your attendance and hope you spread the word about this great event of local authors and vendors, children, book readings, face painting, and more. Learn more about the event by visiting www.HamptonPublishingHouse.com and ADCKid.com.


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If you would like more information about the event, please email us at
iamadckid@gmail.com and Info@HamptonPublishingHouse.com   


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