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I made it!  Today is my birthday. 83 years ago during the throes of The Great Depression, the doctor my Daddy worked for,  delivered me in the bedroom of the home where I lived in Maywood, Illinois, an idyllic village where I spent a carefree childhood, surrounded by playmates, playing house, jumping rope, roller skating, playing hopscotch, getting sprayed with the garden hose, starting high school, going to football and basketball games, cheering on the teams of Proviso high school, leaving for college at the U of I., making more great friends and enjoying fun times, then completing my education at the Registry Department of the U.S. Post Office, soon getting married to a special guy, later having kids, finally buying a home, eventually burying loved ones, and at the age of 77, leaving my beloved hometown, taking up residence with a daughter in a neigboring suburb, currently grateful for being retired for 24 years, fortunate enough to have a great family support group. Am I lucky, or what?  Now, I'm taking things one day at at time, hoping I can live long enough to see a woman elected president or,  if not, to watch the decline of the American Empire.  C'est la Vie. 

Thanks AALBC for allowing me to share my thoughts and historical reminiscences with you over the years, and a shout out to Troy, Chris, Pioneer, Del and Harry for stimulating my mind with your intellectual brilliance and home-spun wisdom,  for familiarizing me with your technical expertise, and for giving me the benefit of your psychic gifts.  Luv you guys!  

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I love you too Cynique.  Happy birthday and may you have many more!  I'm not sure what I'll do without you in this corner of the web...

The book of your musings will come to fruition one day. If you don't get to see it your progeny will.  Your presence here has touched many folks.


Your post made me think about something, but I'll share it in another conversation so that I do not to corrupt the positive spirit your message.

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Peace and love to you Cynique

Congradulations for gracing us another year with your presence!

I'm no prophet or soothsayer but something is telling me that with the way things are going on this planet right now....within another 5 or 6 years there may be some events coming up that we'd all be eternally grateful to have lived long enough to witness.


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@Sara LOL Feel better now that you've vomited your envy?  Thanks for providing me with the belated gift of laughter.

Your ignorance is comical.  You really do believe that anybody who claims they had an idyllic childhood, - and there are millions of people both and black white, who say this, - is lying and fantasizing. Stupid people like you can't deduce that youth is an interlude in life's journey, a time of innocence and simpleness that can very well give rise to a halcyon existence.  But, no, let you tell it, everybody had a dull upbringing in a dreary environment and they just make up things to tell people because the are unfulfilled.  SMH. Get a life!

The ongoing subject of your spiteful vitriol reveals so much about you; your repetitive litany and your unbridled resentment speak volumes.  Worst of all is the pettiness that is a symptom of your arrested development. You've never gotten pass the playground phase in your thinking.  I'm always expecting your to add a "nana nana nah nah" at the end of your posts with their silly emojis. You really are a dysfunctional nutcase. 

Just so you won't be disappointed, however, I will favor you with a final insult: sara.

BTW, my leaving you out of my shout-outs, was a form of manipulation. I knew you were itching to show up on this post - and you did. LMAO.


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