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A celebration of life


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Today is not only August 18, 2010, but is also my 77th birthday! I can't believe I've been around this long. How things have changed and progressed since that sunny afternoon in 1933 when the doctor whose office was where my Daddy worked as a part-time janitor, hurried to the home of my parents and kept his promise to deliver his employee's baby instead of paying him his measely salary that week. With my mom's best friend, who was a nurse, in attendance, I was delivered at home, - like a whole lot of other "depression era" babies. I weighed in at 9lbs, - surprising since for most of the rest of my life I was thin.

Over the years, I've been a witness to a lot of history, and it's been a great ride. If I go tomorrow, I would leave this planet with few regrets because life is not about the destination; it's about the journey.

Last week I sat on my front porch in the dark of night, gazing skyward trying to spot the shooting stars that were supposed to make up a meteor shower, the likes of which will not occur again in my life time. I stared so long and hard that it was like I had an out-of-the-body experience. The cloud cover obscured this phenomenon somewhat but finally I saw a faint streak across the sky and my spirits soared. I was one with the universe.

C'est la vie. You never know what you might see, - if you keep looking.

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I was a Leo before you, Chrishayden, and had it been in my power, I would've deigned that your entrance into this world be delayed for a month, a condition doctors would've diagnosed as being a case of fetal constipation.

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