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New African American Museum video


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This Smithsonian museum is an oasis in the desert of the black presence in this country.  It is a living tribute to all that's good about the legacy of  African Americans, and is a pristine monument to a people who have survived and achieved under the most trying of circumstances. Its stunning architecture is not only aesthetic but symbolic of how outstanding are the people of color to whom it is dedicated.    

Similarly, in my old hometown we have a black history museum which is a testament  to its notable history. My little idyllic village of days-gone-by gets a bad rap nowadays but it still has a few assets that make its upstanding citizens proud.  Check out Maywood's connection with the underground railroad, and how the magnet school affiliated with my alma mater, Proviso high school, is currently faring.  There's more to this "microcosm of Chicago" than the negative crime statistics that are only a facet in a mosaic community  that is struggling to turn itself around.

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