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I'm going on my Winter Wonderland vacation!


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Hello All,

I just finished up reading the John Oliver Killens biography by Keith Gilyard, which was wonderful by the way! Now, I'm going to go on a Winter Wonderland reading vacation. Actually, I've already started. I read Breakfast at Tiffany by Truman Capote this morning. I like it A LOT BETTER than the movie. Strangely enough, I saw Holly Golightly more like Marilyn Monroe than Audrey Hepburn. Capote was a damn good writer. I have two new installments for my two favorite children lit series on the way, Artemis Fowl and The Last Apprentice. Then I'm going to read for the first time an author name John Dos Passos. I have never heard of the man before. His name came up when I was reading the new James Baldwin collection: The Cross of Redemption. It's my understanding that Dos Passos was the fourth face in the American Literature Mount Rushmore, alongside Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Faulkner. I'm going to check Dos Passos out.

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