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Bill Withers Documentary

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Guest Jan

I had heard the same thing about Bill Withers and his spousal abuse of Denise Nichols! I really didn’t know if this was really true but I hoped that it wasn’t true. But now since I am seeing more of a confirmation from other people that it is true two people in the world of entertainment of whom I have such admiration for, all I can do is wonder why is it necessary to be  physical abusive someone who you are supposed to love and cherish when you stood before God and witnesses not only made that promise but also broke that same promise??? Just my humble opinion.

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Guest Rah
On 2/5/2010 at 4:10 PM, careycarey said:

Actually, Bill Withers beating his wife is one of the FIRST things I think about when I think of his legacy. That doesn’t negate that he was a super talented artist, but most women I know who listen to him know of this abuse.


“I doubt a person would say "the abuse Denise" if you asked them to name 5 things associated with Bill Withers. Hell, I didn't know anything about it.”


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