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Guest Brianne Joseph, LPI

Book Review request: Punk Azz Cancer, How Dare You!

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Guest Brianne Joseph, LPI

Title: Punk Azz Cancer, How Dare You! How to turn your pain into power after a cancer diagnosis.

Author: Brianne Joseph, LPI (licensed private investigator)

ISBN-13: 978-1537619545


In many communities, a "punk" is someone who sneaks up on you and attacks you when you least expect it. Cancer is definitely a punk. I was shocked and embarrassed with my breast cancer diagnosis. How could I be fabulous with breast cancer? Right? Where’s the power in being sick? For a while, I lived in a darkness so thick I could touch it. Breast cancer introduced me to a level of fear I never imagined I would ever experience. I became depressed and reclusive. I felt devastated, defeated, and at times inconsolable.
I hardly recognized the frightened woman in the mirror. She was not me. I could handle anything. Couldn’t I? It was difficult to accept her as the new me - a broken me, a terrified me. I guess I wasn’t that brave after all……..
In the midst of tragedy, we feel hopeless. We are surrounded by darkness and despair. It’s not that we lack power; it’s that we lack the awareness of it and we lack the belief in it. When we tap into our personal power, we learn to become resilient. And soon, we become completely unfazed by the very same things that would have previously forced us to our knees. Over time, I was able to overcome that fear and reclaim my power. It is my hope that, through this book, you are inspired to reclaim your power as well.
My dark days gave me a story, they didn’t make me powerful. I was already powerful- so are you.
Believe it.

Award-winning entrepreneur, author, and speaker Brianne Joseph shares her heartwarming and inspirational story of personal triumph over breast cancer. She outlines her journey from depression to ultimately turning her pain into power as a guide for other survivors to reclaim their power as well. In this refreshingly spirited book, audiences are sure to drink up her words of hope, wisdom, spunk, and attitude.

About the author:

Best selling author Brianne "Sly Fox" Joseph, a married mother of two toddlers, is the award-winning, nationally recognized Owner and Head Investigator at Sly Fox Investigations- a six figure all female Private Investigation Agency, and former Region II Director of The Louisiana Private Investigators Association.  Brianne is also the Owner of Punk Azz Cancer- a breast cancer empowerment brand. She has been a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Louisiana for 11 years.

 As a success coach for women entrepreneurs, Brianne teaches her students how to develop fearless mindsets and profitable business systems.  She is the contributing author to entrepreneurial book 'Reach Your Greatness' and author to 'Punk Azz Cancer, How Dare You!'. Brianne has been featured in several local and national publications, as well as several radio shows.

Amazon purchase link: https://www.amazon.com/Punk-Cancer-Power-After-Diagnosis-ebook/dp/B01N7XPI94/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488375973&sr=8-1&keywords=punk+azz+cancer+how+dare+you

Author's website: https://briannejoseph.com/




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