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Making Rent in Bed-Stuy Among Recommended Books for May 2017

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I just partnered with What’s The 411 TV. They just produced their first series of segments this is one of them.

I see there is a lot of room for improvement on my end.  I have this bad habit of saying "ahh." I actually have to focus on not saying it. I also move my head too much.  We could us a second camera and a tighter shot, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. :)

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@Troy, Your colors pop and are appealing.  Your  smile and voice are inviting and you look comfortable surrounded by  books....   One critique: Please listen to hear not just to respond...Even if the subject is off topic, cross talk between the host and the guest invites viewers into the conversation. We tend to pay more attention to two people having conversation than one person giving a lecture. 

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No, it is not a first.  BET, when it was Black owned, had a program about books (I forget the name of the program and I a quick youtube search did not turn up anything).  It did not last every long, but people were really excited about it when it launched.  

More recently, Arise Entertainment did a segment on books.  It was executed very well but as far as I can tell they did nothing to promote it.  The most recent one I could find is shown below.  Even after three years it has less than 300 views, and I'd be wlling to bet I drove most of those (as I'm doing now).


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