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St. Louis,Protesting,White Officer Not Guilty,Killing Black Man.

harry brown

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St Louis,People Are Protesting,Another White Police Not Guilty,Shooting ,Killing A Black Man..White Police Lined Up,In The Streets,There Was Talk About The National .Guard .Where Was The ,Fear ,Where Was The Military  Last Month In Charlottesville,?A Terrorist Organization Neo Nazi Walking Around With Guns ,And Torches In The Streets If Military Was In Charlottesville,For The ,Domestic Terrorist Neo Nazi ,The Woman That Was Murdered ,By,The Neo Nazi Car,Might Be Alive..Police Lined Up,Talk About Bringing In National Guard For  People Protesting. But Neo Nazi,Terrorist With Guns And Torches Is No Problem. Trump,Not,The Only One Who See Neo Nazi As Good People..

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Here we go again. Black people taking to the streets protesting white cops found not guilty of killing someone driving while black. The crowds will be referred to as rioting mobs, and the cop will be referred to a trigger happy racist.  Same ol scenario providing ammunition for the opposing sides.  Will there ever be a truce in this black against blue war?  Like so many problems confronting this country, there seems to be no resolutions in sight.

 Even national disasters like hurricanes and floods spark divisive controversy. Can this house divided against itself stand? Lincoln's words of yesterday have not lost their impact today.  They particularly resonate because slavery and all of the political and societal spin-offs it spawned are still having a negative impact on this country.   


And winter is coming...:ph34r:  

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Is it my lack of consuming social media or have Black LIves Matter been quiet lately?  I did read about the acquittal of the the police officer in this shooting and the subsequent protests.


I love that metaphor, "winter is coming;" it so perfectly describes our current state.  Of course it has no meaning to someone who has not watched the Game of Thrones Series, but if you have the phrase packs a punch.  @Cynique did you read the George R.R. Martin's books?  Was the phase used in them or is that something made up in the HBO series?


Game of Thrones


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No, I didn't even know about these books until the series came out. Readers say the TV version is fairly true to the books. As for the phrase, "winter is coming" , it is the motto of the House of Stark.  Each of the great houses has its own slogan. Where the Starks dwell, summers last about 10 years, but winter is always in the back of their minds as it grows ever close.    For one of the other houses, the slogan is: "The Lanisters always pay their debts".   The Greyjoy house's slogan  is something about        "what is alive cannot be dead". 


i'm surprised you are a fan of this series.  It requires the audience to totally suspend its  belief system.  That's one reason why I am so into this compelling, well-directed, well-produced epic fantasy. Game of Thrones has fan sites all  over the internet where each episode is avidly discussed and of course everybody is looking forward to the final season next year as the plot has thickened. That is actually my inspiration to try and hang around for another year.


11 hours ago, Troy said:

Is it my lack of consuming social media or have Black LIves Matter been quite lately?

Guess why I posted this?  Can you say "quiet" instead of "quite"?  :D   BLM has been laying low lately, just waiting for another incident to revitalize their cause.  They have remained on the fringes of the Colin Kaepernick ongoing protests.

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Ha! I corrected the typo before I read your comment @Cynique:P  I usually reread what I wrote before reading a reply. The passage of time makes it easier for me to edit my own writing, but I see you understood what I meant...


Why would you be surprised that I like Game of Thrones?  The production, acting and story so far above anything else on TV.  I could do without the gratuitous gay sex, but it is HBO and they cut it out completely this season. I really like the Tyrion character--what an actor, but I like all the character--even the ones I hate.


I love science fiction movies much of it is not very good.  I enjoyed the film Her, Ex Machina, I'll watch the Star Wars and Star Trek, but am usually disappointed, as they are made to please young boys.


When I think about "winter is coming" I liken it to our society's senseless bickering when that are much more important things to worry about, that effect us all.  Man made climate change is a perfect analogy; most would rather continue fighting each other than working to together to deal an impending doom.  The same goes for indie websites, all fighting amongst yourselves while Amazon and Facebook are growing ever more powerful.  Christians would argue the rapture draws nigh.  


Winter is coming indeed. 

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Troy and Cynique

I've heard both of you say you like Game of Thrones.

Infact, I've heard quite a few Black people say they like it.

I haven't had HBO in years so I only caught a few seasons of it, but I remember it as being a typical White male ego booster.

When I watched it, it was basically White men living out their fantasies of slaughtering their enemies, all types of naked women (many underage) chasing them around and getting naked to have sex with them, and very few of any Black men or men of any color to get in the way of their fantastic fun.

Why do so many Black people like a show that basically tells the world how brave and attractive White men are?

Does it not promote White supremacy?

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“Why do so many Black people like a show that basically tells the world how brave and attractive White men are? Does it not promote White supremacy?


No. Not necessarily. Perhaps it’s a well written series that has garnered a large cult following because people like it regardless of their race or ethnicity. Is that possible? Does an “all black series” promote black supremacy or has some subliminal black meaning? Or could it be stories about people who happen to be black? And since we are on this subject, I have noticed your seemingly uncontrollable obsession with white males. In what appears to be the vast majority of your posts, you consistently write some of the most racist snarky digs and proclamations about white males. Now, you are free to comment and say whatever you want to. And I’m not suggesting that you should stop or continue doing so. But I have noticed this foaming at the mouth obsession and inability not to make caustic comments specifically directed at white males. I’m not a public defender for white males but your obsession is so blatant and non-stop…well…anyone who reads your posts cannot help but notice this white male fetish you have. Just sayin’….

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Hitler was a master organizer......but you're not going to catch me praising him for his organizing skills, lol.


Because his skills did NOTHING to benefit me or my people and more than likely would have been used against.

My point is, this show is a White Supremist show that serves 2 main purposes that have nothing to do with entertainment:

1. It basically brainwashes women around the world to fall in love with White men and desire them by showing them as sexually active warriors.

2. It strokes the egos of White men by allowing them to live out their fantasies of banging women and kicking ass.

That's it.
That's the purpose of the show.

Why do you think it takes you WAAAAAY the hell back into medieval Europe?

So they can get away with NOT featuring Black characters!!!

If it were set in current England/Europe and they featured a crew of White men banging women and killing thier rivals with no men of color....people would point out the obvious racism.

But if they place the setting back in THAT time period then they can pack the show full of White actors and not hear a whisper of complaint because hey......after all....THERE WERE NO BLACK PEOPLE in the land back then!
What few actors of color the Game of Thrones DOES pop on from time to time are usually so light and damn near White that they basically blend in with the other White actors.

Truth be told, that's what all of these "Lord of the Rings" shows and other ancient Europe shows  are about....

It's about taking the audience back into a mythical time where there were no Black people (especially Black men) to have to deal with or compete with for money, power, or women.

White men love going back to a time where they were king and firmly in charge with no one to challenge their authority.

That's why THEY love Game of Thrones.


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