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When patriotism degenerates into racism.

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@Cynique who know it is interesting that I rarely have to ask you probing questions because of how clearly you express yourself. 


@Del on the other hand is more enigmatic, perhaps deliberately so, which is why I have to ask him more question.  He and @Pioneer1 seem to be on the same wavelength lately, as it simply did not occur to me that Del's question was rhetorical, which would make sense since the question he asked about a new Colin contract could have been found with a 2 second web search.


Taking the question as a rhetorical one. I will say that he proven the NFL's billionaire owners are powerful and do not give a crap about players (Black or otherwise) and are only concerned with profits. This is not exactly a revelation. If you watch any football lately you will notice all the flag-waving, hyper-patriotic segments featuring Black players during the break... It is disgusting really.


As far as my proposed boycott of Amazon.  I would consider it a success if a critical mass of us simply availed ourselves of our own products and services by eliminating dependence on Amazon.   This admittedly is a long shot, but sheesh our livelihoods indeed our culture depends upon it. 


One can't know if Colin will be hurting or not.  But he did make a personal sacrifice.  As @Pioneer1 said, I doubt Colin thought this alll the way through.  He obviously wanted or needed his job, otherwise he would have sued the NFL.  A million dollar book deal is big, but is little compared to his multi-million dollar annual football salary and endorsements.

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Colin had a job as Quarterback for the 49ers.  He had to have known that his knee-bending protest would jeopardize his being re-signed, but he made a choice.  I don't think money is that much of an issue with him the way he has been throwing it around, donating it to black causes.  He may even be ready to move on from football.

2 hours ago, Troy said:

He obviously wanted or needed his job, otherwise he would have sued the NFL

If he wanted or needed a job, wouldn't he have sued the NFL? 

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On 12/7/2017 at 1:44 PM, Cynique said:

The media has given honorable recognition to Kaepernick for sacrificing his career to call attention to police misconduct in the black community.  This a moral victory, which is pretty much all that black people can hope for in this shitty country. 

Amen @Cynique !!!

And twitter, the pulse of the country, mainstream media, as well as every day citizens have articulated the #TakeaKnee movement is about police brutality and state-sanctioned murders.   They are now drowning out the rhetoric the protest was to dishonor the military.   AND Walter Scott's murderer  (south carolina police officer) got 20 years in prison and the Chicago police officer who shot 16 rounds into a car filled with teens, wounding two got 5 years in prison... Prior to these guilty verdicts , it seemed only black law enforcement officers were being convicted of killing citizens. Plus neither of these men will ever serve on the police force ever again.   This Take a Knee protest has caused a shift in consciousness

And @Troy. while Kaepernick probably wants to play (it is his vocation by the way) but filing a grievance against the owners is a strategic move to expose their backdoor dealings...While the complaint is collusion there's no way to know what else will come as a result.   As I've said before I read the captions of LAW 360 media and entertainment lawsuits being filed daily - and these celebrities don't even play at our level... It's an understatement to say they are out of our league when it comes to strategy and tactics.   

If nothing else, the imbroglio managed to put a dent into football ratings that are down compared to last year.  

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In the real world, things tend to be complex.....complicated.
The answers don't seem to be as cut and dry or obvious or appealing.

The fact is......

The owners have the right to hire and fire whoever the hell they want.

Actually, in many ways they even have the MORAL right to do what they're doing.

Let's say I owned a business in the city of Detroit.
Which is a mostly Black highly urban area......

And I hired a White man to do a job.
And part of that job is to be friendly with and get along with the customers and promote the values of the community.

Now he KNOWS what I want and he AGREES to do this...which is why I hired him in the first place.

Well hell, if the fool comes in one week with a confederate flag t-shirt on playing country music and turning on the television in the store to FOX NEWS.

Should I respect his right to "express" himself and piss off my customers?

Or should I HURRY UP and get rid of his ass?

And if I gave him an ultimatum or just fired his ass out right.....I don't need some people jumping up and down in my store telling me about how he has to right to express himself or promote his conservative values.

This is MY store....not his.

And it's not public....it's private....it's MY BUSINESS.

If people don't like how i run MY BUSINESS they need to start THEIR OWN business!

Sometimes you have to look at things from OTHER PEOPLE'S point of view.

Hell yeah the owners have black listed Colin and are refusing to hire him.
Is it right?
I don't know.
But they certainly HAVE THE RIGHT both legally and in my opinion ETHICALLY to do so because THEY OWN IT.

The point of OWNING something is CONTROL over who works there.....duhhh......

Black people focus too much on trying to force OTHER PEOPLE to do the right things in THEIR institutions instead of creating institutions of OUR OWN.

If Black people owned their own teams and leagues, this wouldn't be as big of an issue if at all.


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Thanks for the correction Cynique.


@Pioneer1 as @Mel Hopkins mentioned this issue is collusion.  By law (antitrust) the league;s owners can not get together decide to take an action,like blacklisting Kaepernick.  But these guys don't have to talk to each other to know the deal. Colin was poison for the NFL's brand.  I'd bet money they colluded regardless of the outcome of the grievance.  


Pioneer, these types of laws are in place for a good reason.  

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1 hour ago, Troy said:

By law (antitrust) the league;s owners can not get together decide to take an action,like blacklisting Kaepernick


Yes @Troy....that's what I'm referring to and because this law exist - and he as a nfl player (free agent) can grieve possible collusion.  Maybe these owners didn't speak with each other - but that's why their phone records and other items were subpoena - if there's hint of working together to keep him out - they lose and will have to remedy the grievance.


It could be money i.e., the salary he would have received if they didn't work to keep him out.  It's doesn't necessarily mean he will play again.  Normally this grievance would have been handled by the players association but since he's unsigned he gets to represent himself against the owners. This doesn't bode well for the owners because now the proceedings become part of public record.   If it were labor union to management some of the information could have been kept private.  The owners were foolish for not putting him on the reserve list  and suspending him for a bogus reason. 


 @Pioneer1   yes the owners can hire and fire whom they want but as long as they are a league with rules and regulations they can not violate them... In America, you can fire whom you want but if your reasons even hints at ageism, race, or sex or any of the protected class items ...you as an employer are going to lose in court period.  It's not what you'd like to happen . This is not based on anyone's opinion,  it's the law.  

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