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Move Over Nicki Minaj Make Way for Cardi B!

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1 hour ago, Troy said:

Only personal experience seems to do that. 


Yes!  @Troy   that's what @Cynique and I have both touched upon.  It's about access to experiences... and I've not shied away from the underbelly of Black culture. 

 But I must admit - when I started crafting my response to @Educate2Empower  I remembered the difference between those who idolize musicians and those who are entertained by them -and the difference is access to other experiences...  

Both Cynique and I are veteran journalist - in that vocation you don't have the luxury to remain in a bubble - And I got stories - these are tame...




But besides working with at-risk children when I was only 16 years old... I've interviewed child prostitutes (male and female) who shared a day in their life with me.  These were in-depth stories for sweeps (Nielsen ratings month) because we wanted the most viewers.  (Now you understand why I left broadcast news to go work for a nonprofit that would help these children)

But I digress.

And just like Cynique wrote, those female emcees imitated them - not the other way around.  Again, what we experience, paints our world and colors our perspective.   

So, if Cardi B has influence over certain members of the black community - it's because she's mirroring a subculture of the community.  She's familiar persona. 

Maybe the target of our rage shouldn’t be directed at SONY but those who patronize the children working the streets ... Get rid of the pedophiles; and we remove the child prostitute's market.  Then the Cardi B's of the world will be foreign to the subculture as they are to me and those like me. 



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I've finally come to the conclusion that there is an element among blacks who position  themselves as "being in the know" about all  black matters, as opposed to others who they presume are clueless. And my conclusion about the first types is that they are conspiracy theorists.  :ph34r:


It's like they believe there's an evil cabal of white men who regularly meet at a secret location and map out and design what they are going to do to dupe and keep black folks in check, also deciding how they are going to divide up the financial gains generated by black consumption.  And, of course, the despicable media is in on this, working in cahoots with these sinister figures to brainwash black masses too stupid to be aware of how they are being used. Unless, of course,   this exploitation is brought to their attention by these vigilantes who, at every opportunity, reveal to their lesser brothers and sisters   - what black folks have known since slavery, - that you can't trust white folks!  Something all blacks have  the guile to deal with, every day in our own way!  It's in our DNA. Ironically, white slave masters have been replaced by black overseers, telling us who and what we should be entertained by.  


 Plus, if a black individual or group publicly challenges white oppression, they risk being described by these same  black "watch dogs"  as being manipulated by the media and exploited by corporate America.   Is this a Catch-22, or what?


What's further interesting is that, where the entertainment business is concerned, these  black spokespeople create their own scenarios when describing the dynamics between white record companies and black artists. And these scenarios cast blacks in the roles of dummies in the scenarios they say white record companies have designed.  :wacko:  Ya need a score card to tell the players...


I prefer ranting against the flag and the national anthem to express my contempt for white patriotism as  opposed to carping about the paternalism and greed of white record companies.  To each his own.


@Mel Hopkins i laughed when you called me a "veteran journalist".  My resume can't compare with yours,  babe.  i'm actually a just a malcontented writer, and retired postal clerk.   

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Mel everyone has a personal mythology that both that is both created and creates the pov. Without being aware conversation is possible but communication is difficult. 


@Mel Hopkins

Keeping it Reel



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Thank you @Troy for your thoughtful words. I appreciate that we can all have slightly varying opinions yet stay respectful. I've worked with children aging out of foster care so can appreciate @Mel Hopkins work with at-risk children. I can also appreciate the wisdom and life experience of our elders and retirees such as @Cynique. And much appreciation for @Delano and "keeping it reel." Wishing you all a great day!

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@Mel Hopkins Our society is sexually predatory. We have prepubescent girls modeling. 

How many fairy tales have a girl as a prize.


Child prostitution is Hansel and Gretel. Absentee parents equals children being consumed. 

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Excellent observations in your post!

I especially like how you mentioned the various Black enterainers and how they are promoted because they pose no serious threat to the establishment.

Infact, it's the establishment who promoted them in the first place.

It's called the "illusion of success".
While they undereducate, incarcerate, and impoverish the overall Black community they'll prop up a few Black stooges and celebrities to hold up as examples of success so that the world will not realize what is being done to the Black population in America.
Also it fools silly negroes, the majority who are poor....into looking at these "role models" and thinking that with hard work and good luck one day THEY TOO will be as successful; while not realizing that the system is corrupt and rigged for them to fail.

If you study them closely, nearly half of these Black celebrities that are being hailed as successes have children with autism and other cognitive dysfunctions.


Damn, gurrl.

I may disagree with you on a lot but "the man in me" has to admit, you're one hot ass number.....lol.

You reminded me of that singer Jody Watley, but with a deep tan....lol.

I know you've moved around but I'm suprised the Black men you worked around even LET White men get close enough to you to date or marry you.

I've noticed that White men love to find the most attractive Black women who know how to act to push up on and try to get next to.


Me personally....
I wouldn't have CARED whether or not you loved those particular White men, I'd do everyting in my power to make sure you were with a BLACK MAN.
Or end up alone....lol.

If a White man came snooping around looking for "hot Black chicks" to hook up with I'd make him go down to the projects and get some section-8 sister with 5 kids for him to first "rescue", then maybe........


You look good too.....especially for a woman in her 80s.

But although I mean it, I only mentioned it out of courtesy and acknowledgment of your presence.
You're clearly the type who doesn't care if a man compliments you on your looks or not....lol.

And something tells me that even when you were younger and in your prime compliments from men STILL didn't have much of an influence over you....lol.

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