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The Most Popular Sites Focused on Black Content are Simply not Black Owned

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I've been working on my top Black owned website project  


I've modified my formula for ranking sites, adding the age of the website as a factor. This seems to have elevated sites with more serious content, as they tend to have the oldest domains.  


I been removing many tops sites because quite a few websites focused on Black content are simply not Black owned.  We don’t own the web-based hip-hop presence. It really is worse than  i thought...


Fortunately there are many great sites out there.  We just need to patronize them.  I'm afraid if we don't Facebook and the website they own will be our only options, and then we'll really be in deep doo-doo.


The Top Black-Owned Websites

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It boils down to laziness and intellectual decline, and both tend to play on eachother.

The fact that so many Black people are opting to use facebook as their means of advertisment and launch programs and talk shows instead of buying and building THEIR OWN websites so that they'll have full control is a matter of laziness and shortsightedness.

Of all people WE should know by now that if you don't OWN it then you're not safe and it can be (and too often is) taken away from you at any time for any excuse.

Now facebook is kicking negroes off their plantation left and right and finding any old flimsy excuse to do so.

But as to the much deeper problem of why so many websites that are aimed at Black people aren't owned by Black people, it breaks down into 2 reasons:

1. Non-Blacks are taking advantage of Black people

a. There are racists who are trying to manipulate Black thought and activity and they're using websites and content that attract Black people to do so.

b. Non-Blacks see a market and are taking advantage of it.
Non-Blacks see that Black people enjoy and are attracted to certain things but don't see many Black people addressing those needs so they've decided to supply them themselves.


2. Black people as a group aren't smart enough to build and maintain or atleast control all of the websites and other forms of media being aimed at them.

There is not a lot you can do about reason #1 until you first deal with reason #2.

Until we figure out WHY so many of our people aren't smart enough to keep up with what Whites and Asians are doing on the internet......
Smart intelligent well educated Black men and women with clear organized minds like Troy and Mel should get together with other liked minded Black people of similar creditials and teach those of our people who ARE smart enough to learn HOW to build and maintain their own websites and market them effectively to attract an audience.

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Guest Philip Robinson

The model of non-blacks/ non-afro-origin people spotting a black market and capitalising is not new. The majority of hair product suppliers in the UK are Asian. They see the demand and have access to the supply. The second issue is around a difference in what we see as important from an education perspective. Many blacks in the Americas and Caribbean are inherently socialised to train for careers that slot into a well-established framework (accounting, doctor, lawyer, business management). This has high likelihood of being employable and being "stable". It's also why so many of us cannot swim. Our parents have instilled fear in us (its the only way they knew how to get us to where we are safely, so not blaming them) that stops the majority of us from wavering. However, it does make us too careful and risk averse. Risk taking and having the mental and financial capacity to recover from failure are key for entrepreneurial exploration. We (black people) are smart enough but just lacking in the capacities that allow us to spot and respond to opportunities other than those that fit into a standard model of being employed.

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22 hours ago, Guest Philip Robinson said:

We (black people) are smart enough but just lacking in the capacities that allow us to spot and respond to opportunities other than those that fit into a standard model of being employed.


Yes,  Guest Philip Robinson!  There's a lot of unlearning many of us have to do before we can shift into the entrepreneurial paradigm.  Also we have to be willing to support each other with Su-Sus, microloans;  donating skills, talents and time and anything that's needed to get a small businesses up and running. 

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I second everything that @Pioneer1 is saying. Non-blacks are being taken advantage of, and blacks don't build smarter circles, most have this stay in the family mentality. Some of us are too proud to reach out to other blacks for help, others have trust issues because someone doesn't agree with their particular idea.


And to answer "

On 10/22/2017 at 8:28 PM, Pioneer1 said:

Until we figure out WHY so many of our people aren't smart enough to keep up with what Whites and Asians are doing on the internet......

One simple answer for the most part, money. To most of us oppressed folks, you flash money in front of us and you've already reeled us into to be manipulated at will. Also, we don't know what to say yes to, and what to say no to. Which is branched to the money situation.


I'm not putting the blame on the white man anymore for anything. We know that agenda, I'm putting the blame on us. We got to do better as a people with these things. Our ancestors of the past were a unified strength. They looked out for one another (which @Mel Hopkins nailed on the head), they stood up for one another, they encouraged one another. There was a compassion that I think this generation of our people lacks. It's such an opportunist mentality, mentality that didn't come from us.

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Thank Antonio!

One of the most progressive and visionary periods for AfroAmericans in the United States was during the period of RECONSTRUCTION and a few generations after.

Roughly from 1865-1930

During that period Black people owned more businesses, had more inventions,  owned more land, and built more schools and even entire towns for themselves more than any period in United States history until 2017!

If there were ANY such thing as a "model minority".....back then WE were it!

I believe our success was owed to a number of factors.
Among them:

1. We had a much stronger morality and faith in God back during that period so we treated eachother better.

2. We had just came out of slavery where we were FORCED to work hard just to survive, so that instinct was still in us and help drive us to success....before laziness set in.

3. Racism from Whites was RAW and OPEN in those days so there was no confusion about Black people as far as who their enemy was and what obstacles they had to overcome.

They weren't walking around begging White folks,
"Can't we all just get along????"

They said, "You built yours.....now we gotta build ours!"


4. Although you had SOME Black people who stressed formal academic education like WEB  DuBois, the vast majority of our people focused on gaining REAL LIFE KNOWLEDGE like how to build houses, how to lay foundations for buildings, how to do carpentry, how to grow food, ect.....
They didn't spend 10 years studying liberal arts in some college getting in debt only to come out begging White men for jobs.

They learned how to MAKE A LIVING OFF THEIR OWN LAND and were self reliant.

Again, Black people during THAT period owned more land and grew more of their own food than the Black people of TODAY.

We can learn a lot of lessons from that period.

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@Pioneer1, Don't leave out how Reconstruction started and why it ended. That also explains a lot about our predicament today and many of the ame strategies are in place.


Today when Black folks create something of value it is either run out of business or we sell it away. 

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Today when Black folks create something of value it is either run out of business or we sell it away

This is why it's so important to educate our people on the difference between MONEY and WEALTH.

Money is just currency, a convenient means of exchanging valuables and resources.

But wealth ARE the valuables and resources.

Many Black people down in the Carribean islands are suffering from "poverty" for the very reason that they don't know the difference between money and wealth.

Instead of cultivating the land and resources they are sitting on which can grow nearly any and every variety of food......they'd rather wait on MONEY to come in from the United States and other wealthier nations.

Look at Puerto Rico...........

It's a tropical island with plenty of food and water.
Besides heavy construction equipment to move heavy debris out of the way, why are so many dying waiting on the United States to help?

They are capable of growing enough food for themselves, making their own medicine, and building their own structures.....but they have been trained to DEPEND on someone else for these necessities.

Like the fathers of old during Reconstruction.......
Black people need to get BACK into the habit of expecting help to come only from The Good Lord and ourselves.

Self reliance.

Be of the mindset: If YOU ain't doing it....don't expect for it to get done.

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Puerto Rico, is an island that got pummeled by two massive storms that may have been made more massive because of man made climate change. 


There is very little they can do, on their own, to recover. The days of living in anything less than a bomb shelter on these islands in the middle of the Caribbean may be coming to an end; if two or three of these massive storms are going to come by each year.

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Yes they had the misfortune of having two major storms strike them, but like most other Carribbean islands they were in trouble BEFORE these storms.

Puerto Rico, like Haiti (to a certain extent), the Dominican Republic, Jamaica....are islands that are full of Black and mixed people who have been trained to rely on their former White colonial nations like England, Spain, France, and now the United States for their sustainance and to keep their economy going.

Much if not most of Puerto Rico's economy relies on 2 things:

1. Tourism

2. Money from Puerto Ricans living on the main land of America that is being sent back.

Waiting on funds, currency, wealth from OUTSIDE of itself.

But what are PUERTO RICANS producing in PUERTO RICO ?

How many factories does Puerto Rico have to make tractors, cranes, bolder removers, excavators, and other heavy duty equipment to help themselves clear the debris?

They have to WAIT on White nations to send in these supplies.

It's the same with a lot of the food and medicines.

Food grows in fertile soil, Puerto Rico has PLENTY of fertile soil, but most of them don't want to till the soil to grow their own food....but they would rather send to White nations for food.

Most medicines come from plants and herbs, Puerto Rico has PLENTY of that too....but they'd rather send to White nations to get these medicines than take the time to study and make their own.

My overall point is.....

It's the MIND SET that's and even bigger problem than the lack of supplies.

White men didn't have equipment and medicine either, but they MADE these supplies for themselves and now other people are asking and begging White men for them instead of making them just like White men.

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Pioneer have ever been to any of these places?  Do you understand the natural resources that they have? 


Think about it this way; New York State is 10 times the size of Jamaica with 10 times the population. PR is smaller than Jamaica. You expect these tiny island nations to produce all of the heavy machinery locally?  These countries depend upon international commerce (think Cuba).


There is nothing wrong with depending upon tourism many places in the US do this same thing.  But when New Orleans, Key West, The Outer Banks, New York City's oceanfront, and the Jersey Shore gets pummeled the rest of the country comes to their aid. That is how it works.  PR is tapped out--there is no other pace in PR to come to the aid--it has to come from outside (think Detroit)


The entire island of PR was wiped they need international assistance.  If you've been there you'll know there are plenty of what you'd call white people in PR.  Racism did not destroy the island and, racism is not keeping help from coming quickly. It is an unfortunate combination is terrible luck, lack of compassion, ineptitude, and jingoism of 45's part...

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