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CNN: Fluoride Lowers Intelligence !!!


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For the same reasons that me and other Black people around the nation concluded that the lead contamination of Flint's water was aimed at the Black community even though many Whites were also affected.

All you have to do is read between the lines AND observe what's going on around you.

For years people have talked about how low the academic test scores of inner city schools have been as compared to their suburban counterparts.

We know that flouridated water causes lower IQ among children.

And we know that most urban areas where Black and Brown children live have fluoridated water while most SUBURBAN and RURAL areas where White children live typically don't have floridated water.

So it should come as no suprise when we see that schools in urban districts populated by Black and Brown children have lower academic scores than schools in suburban and rural districts populated mostly by White children.

Also, there are 2 things you should keep in mind that also explains why White people aren't AS exposed to fluoride as Blacks...........

1. Most White people consume bottled water and filtered water which usually doesn't have fluoride.

2. Most of the water in corporate offices, surburban schools, and other environments frequented by middle and upper class Whites are served from water coolers and or filtered fountains which doesn't have fluoride added.

And the few White people who ARE drinking up this fluoridated water are typically poor and lower working class White people who are stuck in urban areas.
The majority who live in the surburs or way out in the country aren't.

Just more evidence for the attempted DUMBING DOWN of Black America.

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@Pioneer1, I think you will find a higher correlation between the quality of education and test scores that with fluoridated water.


There are poor communities with poor educational options and unfluoridated water and what you will find are poor undereducated people with very bad teeth.  


Bad teeth leas to all sorts of other heath issues. I don't think fluoridated water is the most pressing issue facing the Black community, if fact it is a distraction...

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There are MULTIPLE factors involved.

The fluoride in the water is just one factor.
Poor education is another.
Lead in the water is another.
Breaking up the families and taking the father out of the home is another.
Placing Black boys in special education is another.

There are MANY factors involved in the attempt to dumb down and destroy Black America.

But you have to KNOW all of the factors in order to solve the problem.

You can't just focus on one or two and ignore the multitude of others.

You can't just look at deteriorating schools in the Black community and see THAT as the only problem without addressing the other problems.
Because if you just focus on that and ignore the lead, the flouride, the miseducation, ect...the problem may slow down a little bit but will STILL get worse.

We have to examine ALL of the factors of why so many of our children aren't learning the way they should and why the Black community in the United States hasn't made as much progress as we should have by now.

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Sure that is true Pioneer, but we need to prioritize things. 


If a guy comes into an emergency room bleeding profusely from multiple gun shot wounds and has a really bad cavity and is at risk of losing the tooth. Are you going to threat the cavity and gunshot wounds with the  same urgency?  A normal Dr. would completely ignore the tooth decay in the situation.  You see my point?

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What if the tooth was infected and we find out that the gunshots were SELF INFLICTED by the man because he was in so much pain BECAUSE of the tooth?

It may sound silly to play on your analogy like that, but it's just to point out that perhaps the poor schools in many Black communities in the United States are SYMPTOMS of an underlying problem manifesting itself in different forms.

In my community there is a thriving private school full of Arab children.
That school was started by 4 Arab young men who went to college, got their degrees, and came out and started building resturants, buying houses, and eventually opened up a school for their own people.
There are THOUSANDS of Black people in this very same community who haven't managed to do what just 4 Arabs did.......not to mention what Arabs are doing in other parts of America in much larger numbers.

Yes the schools in Black districts are often poorly funded, but why is this?


1. Most of the Black people in those districts aren't ambitious enough to run for office and occupy a position to siphon money from Lansing (or Albany) and Washington BACK to their communities to fund their schools.

2. Most of the Black people in those districts aren't as involved in the curriculum and other goings on of the school as they should be and so many racists are able to take over the district and do what they want with the money and treat the kids poorly.

Yes Black schools are being defunded in Chicago, Detroit, and other Black communities around the nation but it's happening because Black people are LETTING it happen.

Now why are Black people LETTING this happen to their children and their community when most other communities WOULDN'T let this happen?

Because of the UNDERLYING PROBLEM with Black America today.

Too many of our people have been DUMBED DOWN....literally....with various poisons and toxins that errodes the intellect and makes them lazy, docile, and half crazy.

If we don't get to the bottom of what's the dumbing down so many Black people in America then the SYMPTOMS of crime, poor schools, lack of Black websites and businesses, and other ills will continue.

.....and so will the head scratching.

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