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Pioneer, that is easy. Here is one; Your position on "race" remains unchanged despite all the information, science, and data that has been shared with you. This like arguing the world is flat.

As Antonio Montana would say: OK......

Then I have 2 questions for you:

1. Will you please kindly tell me what do you believe IS my position on race.....that you claim hasn't changed?

2. And do you believe that "race" actually exists?



??? Are there actually white college graduates serving hot meals to drug addicts in the ghetto? This is why i can't groove with you, Pioneer. What you say sounds so unlikely.

How many soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and drug rehab facilities have you been around that you can intelligently judge whether my statement is accurate or not?

You don't judge whether or not I'm telling the truth simply because it "sounds" unlikely.

Hell, it "sounds" unlikely that sight and sound can travel through air; yet someone proved it could happen by inventing the television....lol.

I'm trying to imagine a scenario where ghetto drug addicts are being served hot meals by anybody, because these people are on the street focused on quick ways to get their next fix,


Drugs are their top priority, but they're STILL human beings and must have their basic needs of FOOD, clothing, and shelter met.


Most of these "poverty programs" that are being funded by the government do next to NOTHING to aleviate poverty because many of the people who are running them are racist, inept, and or and insincere in their efforts.
They pretend to care about the poor but actually use their programs to line thier own pockets, hook their friends up with good jobs, and enjoy a feeling of "superiority" over less fortunate people.

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Well, apparently college graduates care about the poor.  They're serving hot lunches to drug addicts. Or are they??? :o

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Many of the young White people you see serving meals to poor people are there doing COMMUNITY SERVICE.
They got caught driving drunk or with a stash of drugs on them and they were sentenced to doing a week of work at the local soup kitchen to avoid time in jail.

Like I've said time and time again, don't expect the SAME people who caused poverty and are benefiting from it.....to end it.

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@Pioneer1According to your previous post, these people feeding drug addicts were white college graduates earning 50,000 a year until they go enter their profession.  

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