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Dee Miller

Can we talk about it, then hug it out and LOL

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 I've always felt that my purpose in life is to inspire people through my words and my art. That I've finally gotten over my fear of failure, and created a website and a blog, is freaking amazing! On my website: DeeMillerInspired.com, I included a blog called, ''Can we Talk' where I share clips from my Self Published Books and invite open dialog.  As a wordsmith,  my topics have no set direction or focus, but rather develope from experiences, observations and creative thinking. 


A little Storytelling, opinion sharing, then if tempers rise, we agree to hug it out then LOL. My latest blog called, 'Are Black Women Always so angry? Hmmmm...Truth, Excuse or Something Else. I'm eager to capture the opinions on the subject that many have become so obsessed about. 


Why does my kinky hair, my luscious lips, my voluptuous ass, my beautiful shades of brown skin, my intelligence, my patience, my strength, my commitment and my blood sweat and tears lead you to believe that I'm always so angry? Cause when we smile, the whole world dances. 


Lets ta talk about it - DeeMillerInspired.com 


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