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I'd be interested in seeing "Lipstick Alley's comments posted on the "me, too", movement.  Black women seem to be less hysterical about this topic perhaps because they're experienced in standing up for themselves.There was a little local demonstration against harassment on TV yesterday here in Chicago, and i didn't see any black faces among the participants. 


i made the comment on a FaceBook thread about this subject, and i was unfriended by the black woman who started it because i posed a tongue-in-cheek, truth-seeking question wondering why since, dating back to the "bra-burning" 1960s, Feminists have been touting women as being equal to and on a par with men, how come this strident message didn't inspire women to prove this when it came to dealing with  sexual predators? Because i didn't want to appear being too sympathetic toward dirty ol men and perverts, i refrained from further observing that some mention should also be made about the rash of female teachers seducing their underage male students.  I guess the idea of women preying on boys for sex is a little hard to fathom. It's also interesting that so many of the men accused of sexual harassment are Jewish. Which kinda reinforces the idea that harassment is really about exerting power, and who has more power, particularly in the entertainment world, than Jews?

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Cynique, you should already by now you can be honest with most people.  Lipstick Alley (LSA) reminded me of AALBC.com back its hey-day.  The owner of the site is a sister, whose avatar is a photo of Condi Rice.  Everyone on LSA is anonymous, from my limited view so far, even the moderator. I did not hide my identity however, cause I'm too busy making sure people know AALBC.com. 


My first post was met with skepticism, gratitude, flirtation, and even few thumbs down.  That was how i was welcomed and I enjoyed it.  One person welcomed me to:




They are off the chain over that LSA :) 


But our course most people would have taken the negative comments to seriously and left--assuming they would even post at all.


At the end of the the Black owned site has a thriving community which is almost impossible in our Facebook dominated world.

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