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The Power Of The Black Writer Today

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Hello, I hope everyone is doing Okay. I wanted to take this moment to throw a question out that I've been curious about. What do you think about the power of the black writer today? Is it more powerful or less powerful? If less powerful why do you think that is? And, what would you say was an era where the black writer was the most powerful?



I know I asked more than one question, you can just answer one of them if you want. I'm not demanding answers, these are just thoughts I'm curious about.

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Today the Black voice has far less power than it has in past say 50 years.  The fact of the matter is that we no longer own the platforms to wield any power.   We have fewer magazines, newspapers, radio stations, websites. The few platforms that remain carry very little weight or influence amongst our people.


When was the last time anything substantive was quoted, from a Black owned platform, in anything you have read?


Our voices are heard solely due to largess or greed of white folks.  They tell us who and what is important, and therefore how to think.  This is the reason we support their businesses and not our own.  It really is that simple. 


Unless white folks substantiate what we do; it is unimportant to us, and they do not substantiate anything unless it will make them some money.  I refer this as the "white-cosign."  





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