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OK let me clarify: When I wrote anybody, I meant, any so called "race" (human) can do well academically given the right conditions and ability.

Is that clearer?

Yes it's clearer.
But the point you're making is still a bit.....I'm not sure of the correct word for it.

Because again, you're saying anyone of any so-called race can do well IF they have the ability and the conditions are right.

Well that's a given.

But again, everyone DOESN'T have the ability or live under the right conditions.

So where are we agreeing or disagreeing?

My point about Asians has more to do with their persona and the way they carry themselves in society than with their intelligence level or even academic performance.

Africans do just as good or better than Asians academically, but they STILL are more aggressive and independant socially.....atleast it seems to me.


Everyone has intelligence. Some people simply have more of it, than others

As with many words in the English language, there are many definitions of the word "intelligence".

I'm using the more colloquial definition.

Meaning, those with an above average level of it or as you said have more of it.

There is a difference between the average person who can speak...and one who is a "speaker"....lol.

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@Delano, if you are interested in understanding what I wrote, you will not divine that from @Pioneer1's statement, which is why I attempted to clarify it.  With that in mind, do you what have a question about my something I wrote?  I'm not going down the rabbit hole of attempting to explain, what I wrote, by way of explaining Pioneer's inaccurate interpretation.


Of course @Cynique is right varying levels of intelligence. There are also many different types of intelligence--none of which have any direct correlation to one's so called race.

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