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Christmas Fugitives.

harry brown

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Christmas Day On The Slave Plantation,Slaves Not Working Because It's Christmas,Slave Owner Who Tortures Them,Whip Them Brings Christmas Cheer..Giving Them Gifts Of Good Cuts Of,Meat And Fruit That They Don't Get The  Rest Of The Year..After The White Church Choir Stop Singing Christmas Hymns,Plantation Preacher Finish  Giving A White Baby In The Manger Sermon. Plans Of Slaves Escaping Has Begun. Christmas  Night,As The Slave Owner Celebrates With His Family,And Friends With House Slaves Joyfully Serving Them,Elder Slaves Beginning Singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot,,Telling The Slaves To Get Ready To Escape. Harriet Tubman Coming,She Not Gonna Wait...Slaves,Men,Women And Children Wearing Tattered Clothes Some Feet Bare ,Come In The Winter Cold Breeze. They Stay Off The Road,Traveling Among Bushes And Trees. .They Leaving South ,North They Travel Toward. Harriet Looks Up At The Stars,Guided By The Drinking Gourd...Slave Owner Know They Gone,Slave Catcher And Dogs,Slaves They Pursue..Harriet Knows Safe Houses And Secret Routes...Come To A Safe House,She Say Get In The Barn Quick,Beneath The Floor. Slave Catcher At The Quaker Safe House Door...Dogs Loudly Barking,Slave Catcher In The Barn Looking Around . Slaves Beneath The Floor Not Making A Sound..Not Finding Any Slaves,Slave Catcher Goes Further Down The Road. Sure He Gone,Harriet Leads The Escaped Slaves Back Out In The Cold..Slave Catcher And His Dogs Have Fade. In The Ohio River Harriet And The Slaves Did Wade...After Few  Days,Hiding The Day In Safe Houses ,Traveling At Night,They Reach The North Destination,,Weary Minds And Bodies.. No More,Torture Chains And Whips ,We Free From Bondage Misery..

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