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Dee Miller

Colloquialisms - what th ‘H’ does that mean?

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ROFL...There are so many colloquialism out there that communication, comprehension and intent  have become blurred. Although some are just plain funny, and have a defined meaning, ie. ‘I laughed my butt off’, others can send a mixed message, ie. ‘Love ya’. 

Why do we laugh our ‘butts off’? What the ‘H’ does that  mean? And what does, Love ya, mean? Is it another way of saying, ‘see ya’, ‘ I love you’, ‘boy you crazy’, ‘Bye Felicia’? 
How about when I’m called ‘Ma or Mommie’ I have to admit, It’s fresh when the bruthas ask, ‘How you doin Ma/mommie’  But am I misinterpreting  the context?  Do I look old enough to be your mother, are you flirting? Am I being punked? 
Lets have some fun. What colloquialisms do you hear/say and please, tell me...what the ‘H...’ does that mean...LOL! Share on my blog. DeeMillerInspired.blogspot.com 
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