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But, She Decided To Stay.

harry brown

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Nkeizna Holly ,Remembers How He Use To Hold Her In A Loving Embrace. Kiss Her With A Smile Upon His Face. Now ,He Beats Her ,In His Mind He Thinks It's Okay. She Knows She,Should Leave ,But She Decided To Stay. From Her Family,And Friends She Tries To Hide Bruises And Scars. He Begs Her For Forgiveness ,Says He Cannot Be Behind Bars...The Gladness,Sadness ,And Madness ,His Emotions ,Always In Disarray.. She Knows She Should Leave Him,But ,She Decided To Stay. She Wonders What Makes Him Go ,Insane. As He Ignores Her  Cries And Pain. Nkeizna  Holly,Upon  The Floor Motionless She Lay. She Knew She Should Have Left Him ,But She Decided To Stay. Nkeizna  Holly,,Boyfriend Henry   Johnson  Cries As He Is Arrested. . I,Loved Her ,I Guilty  He Said. Beneath The Rain That Falls,Nkeizna Holly. In Her Grave .She Lay...  She Knew She ,Should Have Left Him ,But She Decided To Stay..

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