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Oprah Picks Tayari Jones Latest, An American Marriage

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get-to-know-tayari.jpgThe book club I have been working with The Tea actually selected Tayari's novel An American Marriage for the February Reading list, for which the topic was romance.  The video below showed the selection process.  The book club's discussion has taken place and I'm a guest participant.  That video will be published later this month.


I'm hoping the fantastic attention generated by being an Oprah selection will draw more attention to The Tea's Videos.


The video below shows the selection process.  Basically The Tea shoots three videos for each month's selection.  The selection process (the video below), the get to know the author video (these videos are just about as good as they come. I find it amazing that they are not getting much more attention), and the book club's discussion (which will be published on Thursday).



The photo below is from Tayari's book party which took place on Thursday, February 8th, in Brooklyn, New York.


From left to right is; Rob Fields, who is the President & Executive Director of the Weeksville Heritage Center; Poet John Keene, who was one of the 1st people I put on AALBC.com; Tyehimba Jess, winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry; Tarari; me; Mike Thompson, owner the Brooklyn Moon Cafe, which is well known for their poetry readings; Clarence V. Reynolds, is the Director of The Center for Black Literature, and runs the National Black Writers Conference; I actually don't know the brother on the far right.  Finally, the dude kneeling is Ron Kavanaugh, who run the Literary Freedom Project and published Mosaic Literary Magazine (@Mel Hopkins, Ron was in our class at Tech).







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