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harry brown


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Read. Online. The. NAACP ,Wants. To. Have. A. HIV ,AIDS,Conversation.  With. The. Churches,Faith Leaders,It,Has,Been. 38. ,Years. Since. HIV,AIDS,Why. Now?Let,Me,  Talk. About. Two. Black. Preachers. Who. Had. HIV,Was. Having. Sex. With. Women. In. And. Out. Of. Their,Church..  ...I. Think. One. Woman. Got. HIV. From. The,Preacher. She. Had. Sex. With.  The. Preachers. Knew. They,HIV...Preachers. Have. Been. Arrested. For. Stealing,Caught. With. Prostitutes,Having. Babies. With,Mistresses .Churches. Have. Become. Pimp. Houses..The,NAACP,Churches ,Black. Politicians. Condone...Preachers,Are. Snakes..Want. Only. Black. People,Money.  Domestic. Violence,Preachers. Beating. Their,Wives,3-Preachers. Have. Killed. Their. Wives..Some,Black. People. Think,There. Is. No. Black,Leadership....4 ,People. Killed. At. The. Waffle. House,,Near. Nashville,3_Were. Black,Killer. Is. White,Black. Man. Hero. For. Jumping. On. The. White. Killer.  Black. Church,Has. A. Prayer. Vigil. For. Victims...Wonder. if. The. Sports. Team. Owners. Saw. The. Neo. Nazi. ,Wearing. Nazi,Outfits,Waving. Neo. Nazi. Flags,U.  S.  Flag,,Celebrating,Adolf. Hitler. Birthday?Trump. Likes. To,Tweet.  Waiting. For. Him. To. Tweet. Happy. Birthday. To,Hitler.....They. Upset. With. Football. Players. Kneeling,Down,They. Disrespect. The. Flag.  Neo. Nazi. Waving,Nazi. Flag,U.  S.  Flag,Wearing. Nazi. Outfits....

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The question I have is, how much responsibility does the Black Church have in the spread of HIV?

-Teaching and encouraging Black people to practice morality that was invented by Caucasians which basically leads to sexual supression and deception.

-Making Black people feel so guilty about sex and sexual encounters to the point that they feel they DESERVE any type of sexually related disease they get and therefor are reluctant to find a cure.

If Black people were smart and organized in the way they SHOULD be by now....WE would have came up with a cure for HIV and the other diseases our community have been afflicted with instead of waiting on White people to come up with them.

Infact, we would have had our own hospitals and medical centers by now.


As I type this, tears actually come up in my eyes just envisioning what we COULD HAVE been and how much progress we COULD HAVE made by now if we were smart and industrious enough.

I don't know if everything can be blamed on racism or if Black stupidity is seriously a major part of the problem.

Why, why, why......


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