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Terminus: Tales of the Black Fantastic from the ATL

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Atlanta. ATL. The Rising Phoenix. The City too Busy to Hate. The Black Mecca. Capital of the Deep South. There, between flitting shadows and full moons, exists another world filled with dark creatures, demons, and immortals. Only a thin veil separates the Atlanta you know from this mysterious realm. Nine brave authors risk it all to reveal the crossroads of Southern charm and the Black Fantastic. Y'all ready?


Milton Davis and MVMedia have done it again! Terminus is a one of a kind, powerful, and engaging look into the hidden wonders of Atlanta, GA. Known the world over as “HOTlanta,” the site of the 1996 Olympics, and the home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Terminus takes its readers on a journey underneath and in between these historic identifiers. Upon reading this anthology, we are riveted by the possibility that monsters, magical powers, and African folklore inhabit the streets of Atlanta as we see the city through the expansive imaginations of this volume’s talented authors. Terminus is an ambitious book filled with narrative twists and turns that leaves you wanting more!
Clint Fluker, PhD
Emory Center for Digital Scholarship
In the end, it becomes obvious that it doesn’t matter what country, culture or colour with which you identify – this is a lively anthology with some powerful moments and some wry laughs vying for your attention.
John Lindwood Grant
Editor, Greydogtales.com


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