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Hey all I am a new to the site but have been reading the content for some time. 

I have read studies that indicate that our people fall behind the other major ethnic groups when it comes to understanding money.

Financial Literacy, or lack thereof, leads to so many other issues. We need to teach each other and grow as a people.

Here is a quick 2 minute quiz to test your general knowledge when it comes to money. 



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You had to actually "read a study" to realize that our people have been falling behind other groups when it comes to understanding money????


At 8 AND 9 YEAR OLD when I used to go down to the local liquor stores and gas stations with my friends to buy candy and chips, when I saw who was MAKING the money and who was SPENDING the money.....even at that early age I realized that something was wrong.

Having said that....welcome to the site

I hope you stay and actually ENGAGE in some conversation and not just post a link or two and run off never to be heard from again, lol.

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Mr. Pioneer, I agree. I think the imbalance is clearly apparent to all like you said. 

I guess I was angling toward the lack of financial awareness that often leads to a cycle of poverty- and this poverty leads to many other things.

This lack of financial knowledge (specifically) stood out to me as being detrimental to our development as a group.

I'm hoping some find the quiz helpful as understanding the areas we may be weak is the baseline before we can take steps toward improvement.

I am hoping to learn more as I read through some of the commentary on different issues on this site. 

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