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New Release: Psychoactive Poetry Review Requested


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I am requesting a review of:

Psychoactive Poetry by David Washington

I am the self-published author.

ISBN: 978-976-95792-4-8; Published March 21, 2018 as an E book at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/795818; Print book published April 2018. 

This is a collection of 28 poems or, in some cases, 'meditations' might be more accurate,  The subtitle of the online addition is "Poetry Therapy Meditations on the Quest for Ultimate Meaning."  This is a search I consciously embarked upon while working on a Black Psychology paper for a class I took as an exchange student at Fisk University in 1970.  The campus 

Black ideology movement was at its height at the time and the meaning of 'Blackness' the soul-searching preoccupation of many of us.  My paper proposed that one could 'move towards', move away from', or 'move against' being in the search for identity. I asked the question, 'Which course leads to positive mental health?'.  Psychoactive Poetry is a resume in verse of

key moments of my personal search for the understanding of what it means to be Black and, as my search continued, ultimate meaning in human existence. 'Psychoactive' in the title refers to my hope for a thoughtful reading of my poetry.

I was born in Florida in 1949.  I received a BA in Psychology from Colby College in 1971 and MA in African Studies and Research (Anthropology) from Howard University in 1973.  I have lived in Belize since 1991.



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