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Book Review Request: The Twisted Crown by Anita Bunkley


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Rinard Publishing would like to submit for review, The Twisted Crown (ISBN:978-0-9624012-4-4), a new novel of historical fiction by Anita Bunkley.


Publication Date: September 1, 2018 



Eva Phillips, a spirited young woman from Boston, travels into Post-Civil War South Carolina to search for the mother who gave her away. Her bold decision to trek across the ravaged South places Eva at the center of a dangerous web of lies, theft, and murder, entangling her in the lives of a black political activist fighting for the rights of the newly freed slaves, a handsome northern Carpetbagger out to profit from the chaos, a mysterious mulatto leading a double life, and a gutsy lady gambler who helps Eva discover love, peace, and acceptance in the chaotic war-torn environment.


Amazon  for Trade Paperback ($14.95) or Kindle eBook ($9.99)

Barnes & Noble Nook ($14.99)


Anita Bunkley was selected as one of the "Fifty Favorite Authors of the 20th Century" by AALBC, "Favorite Author Award" from Go On Girl Book Club, a recipient of a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times Magazine, and is an NAACP IMAGE AWARD Nominee.


Other books by Anita Bunkley from Rinard Publishing: Emily, The Yellow Rose (ISBN:978-09624012-2-0) and A Thousand Steps (ISBN: 978-09624012-3-7).


We hope you will enjoy reading The Twisted Crown!


Contact: jamesboard@rinardpublishing.com for more information about  The Twisted Crown or to order a review copy.


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I just added Anita's latest book to the site @JBoard.  And thanks for pointing out that problem with the registration process.  I'll contact you under separate cover if we decide to review  this book.  


Click for a larger image of The Twisted Crown

The Twisted Crown
by Anita Bunkley

Publication Date: 
List Price: $14.95 (store prices may vary)
Format: Paperback
Classification: Fiction
Page Count: 336
ISBN13: 9780962401244
Imprint: Rinard Publishing
Publisher: Rinard Publishing
Parent Company: Rinard Publishing


Book Description:

The Twisted Crown takes readers from the bustling streets of Boston at the height of the Abolitionist movement to the war-ravaged landscape of Reconstruction-era South Carolina.

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