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Cry Baby Cry or Not

Guest DeWandus Johnson

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Guest DeWandus Johnson


Trina is a young girl whose mother, Jackie, is deaf and mute. This curse has Jackie so mad at the world that she pours out unimaginable hate into her daughter. Trina finally has had enough and stands up to her mother. She runs away and finds herself in a world of murder, gangs and extreme violence. Trina is naïve and forced to adapt to her new lifestyle through trial and error…until she meets Mistro.

Mistro, a young gangbanger blessed with royalty in his mob, sees something in Trina that infatuates him. When she witnesses him murder a mark, she asks a question that catches him completely off guard… How does it feel to kill someone? After fleeing the scene, he cannot get her off his mind. He locates her and tries to find flaws within Trina because of his own battles, but learns her loyalty is real. Mistro starts a new hustle, but now Trina starts to question his love. Then Trina meets Tee Tee, a woman of the night who introduces Trina to her own hustle, and all hell breaks loose. Will Mistro understand or will Trina find her own way into a world of selling dreams and orchestrating her own survival?

With this tale of self-hate, manipulation, survival, murder and betrayal, the reader will experience a roller coaster of emotions that the young and abandoned feel every day in the streets of Chicago. Cry Baby Cry…Or Not is a no-holds-barred representation of the voiceless—an entertaining story that sheds light on issues no one likes to discuss.

For more information, visit the author’s website at outskirtspress.com/crybabycryornot or Royal Roar Publishing Kingdom.

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