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Spamming -- I'll resolve this issue today


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I'm not sure what changed to allow the recent deluge of spammers to affect the board.

To make matter worse, last night as I was deleted spam posts and accounts I made the unfortunate mistake of approving about 40 accounts that were clearly bogus. Because of another technical issue I'm unable to delete those accounts right now, but I will shortly.

Thanks for your patience and to those of you that notified me of the problem.

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Chris it was OFF THE FREAKING CHAIN. I regret I did not save a few messages. Actually I could undelete some amd repost them, as as racist as some of them were a couple were funny (assick as that might make me sound).

Others most people would find extremely offense.

The wild thing was that it was just so much of it, replciated throughout the discussion board.

Sorry you missed it.

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